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    Question The smell of a boardwalk/dock/pier

    Does anyone know of an aromachemical that gives the impression of the tarry-woody smell experienced at docks and piers? I've smelled "birch tar" notes in various fragrances, but have yet to find a direct match.

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    Perhaps this thread holds your answer...

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    Interesting... I'll check those fragrances out, but I'm curious to know the name of the chemical that causes it.

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    It's unlikely that there's a single aromachemical that will give you exactly the note you're looking for, so looking at notes in existing fragrances isn't much help.

    I think you could make a natural "creosote/tar/diesel fuel" type accord using thyme EO, a little frankincense, a little ajowan, and maybe a couple of other things. I've used a combination sort of like that in one of my perfumes, but have been thinking of perfecting it as an accord to keep on hand. To give it the woody smell, there are any number of EOs and aromachemicals you could use depending on what direction you want to go. For an ocean note you could use seaweed tincture or absolute, or any of the "marine"-type aromachemicals.
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