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    Question Bergamotto Marino

    I am interested in trying GF Bergamotto Marino. I am an avid follower of the traditional eau de cologne group here--Guerlain Coq, Imperiale, etc. and was wondering if anyone would think I might enjoy this fragrance. Is it synthetic smelling or more natural?

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    Default Re: Bergamotto Marino

    IMHO, it is a cologne-note related fragrance that comes to pushing the limits to a point it does lose the natural and gentle feeling eaux have. I love JMF Extra Vielle, Hermes' Eau d'Orange Vert and Agua de Colonia Concentrada Alvaro Gómez: Bergamotto shares somethig with them, but it does not feel good. Try it before buying.

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    Default Re: Bergamotto Marino

    I'm a big fan of traditional EDC's, and while this does share their neroli, freshness and overall has fairly prominent black currant, melon, & jasmine and I found it too modern/unisex/aquatic. hence the reason I am selling my bottle in the thread in my signature.

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    Default Re: Bergamotto Marino

    I found it to be a rather good bergamot/citrus EDC with a slightly salty and windswept quality... almost like an ambergris accord.
    Sharp, bracing and uplifting, without the cloying sweetness. And for an EDC, with more than reasonable longevity.

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    Default Re: Bergamotto Marino

    I am quite fond of Bergamotto Marino. Read the Pere de Pierre review a while back and bought it blind. It is an edc with extra longevity without being at all cloying. One of the last of Pierre Bourdon's creations and reallly nice IMHO.

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