Today, I decided to try my new bottle of Joy 'extrait' in the 15ml squarish 'crystal' flacon.

The funny thing about this bottle is that the packaging & bottle looks exactly like the Baccarat crystal flacon issued by Jean Patou Paris, but it's actually made by Puig SA of Spain.

The label on the bottle says : 'Joy de Jean Patou Paris' and below that in tiny letters: 'ELDO POR A. PUIG S.A BARCELONA'

I researched 'A PUIG' before I bought this bottle & found out that it's an influential family-run perfume marketing company in Spain.

When the bottle arrived yesterday, it was sticky with staining on the outside, and the smell of roses that I recognised as Joy, although with a little dirt lurking in the background.The stopper was really tight so I cleaned the bottle with soapy water and got most of the grime & stickiness off.

This morning, I put the bottle in a shallow dish of hot water and, after 5 minutes, managed to pull out the stuck stopper.

To my horror, I smelt....ALCOHOL, with only a faint smell of the roses I had detected the day before.

The colour of the juice looked genuine, but there was no label or sticker or engraved number on the bottom of the bottle.

I've smelt it a few times from the open bottle, & the first thing that assaults my nose is the alcoholic fumes.

And the REALLY WIERD thing is this : when I the smelt the black flaconnette of Joy that I had already acquired, and which I knew was the real stuff, I couldn't smell anything!(Or at least it didn't have the overpowering effect on my nose as before)

I'll really be disappointed if it's proven to be a fake.

I've put a drop of it on my wrist and it could be Joy EDT, but definitely can't be parfum!