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    Default Re: Do you keep your scents in their boxs?

    I do keep them in their boxes if they are brand-new, if it's a vintage that happened to be bought without a box (for whatever reason most likely because the box didn't survive the passing of time), i will keep it as it is but on a dark dry cabinet.

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    Default Re: Do you keep your scents in their boxs?

    As for the recs for green-jasmin-cirtus scents here are some you might like:

    Cristalle by Chanel
    Diorella by Dior
    Trussardi Action by Trussardi
    Ivoire by Balmain
    Zen by Shiseido
    Alliage by Lauder
    Miss Dior Chèrie EDT by Dior
    Fleur d'Oranger by Serge Lutens
    Green Water by Jacques Fath
    Angélique Lilas by Guerlain
    Green Tea Exotic by Arden

    there are tons more

    and Welcome to Basenotes!

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    Default Re: Do you keep your scents in their boxs?

    If it came with a box, I keep it in the box.

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    Default Re: Do you keep your scents in their boxs?

    I keep the box, but don't keep the scent in its box. My scents are stored in a linen closet, dark, dry, and cool. The boxes are stored in shelves at the top and the bottom of the same closet. It's easier for me to get to the scent that way and keeps the boxes where I can find them if I need to.

    Ah... and I do keep one vintage Eau and EDC in the bathroom, but they too are in a dark and cooler/drier closet, for easy application when I want to "bathe" in scent.
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    Default Re: Do you keep your scents in their boxs?

    i think if you want to keep your fragrances out on display on top of your dresser or desk, you should keep them in the box. if you keep them in a dark place such as a dresser drawer or closet, you can ditch the box.

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