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    Default Similar to Bath & Body Works - Oak

    Some time ago I purchased a small trial size of Bath & Body Works Oak scented body wash.

    I really seem to be a fan of woody fragrances, and I enjoy the way the scented body wash smells on my skin.

    Of course, as I'm always looking to experience other fragrances, I was wondering if anyone could recommend either something similar, or a best in class fragrance for woody scents.

    As always, thanks everyone.

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    Default Re: Similar to Bath & Body Works - Oak

    i have the body wash and i like it too...i believe that you would really enjoy gucci pour homme or cristiano fissore cashmere for men...very similar frags, but i think the woody note in gucci is more pronounced and its a bit cheaper, which is good. Its not an exact match but its damn close and damn good, gucci ph that is...or you could get the oak edt!!
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    Default Re: Similar to Bath & Body Works - Oak

    The Oak bodywash smells like Obsession for men. Haven't tried Oak edt.

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