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    Default Instituto Español

    It's a beauty company from Spain working since 1903 and still going.
    They have scents for men and women but are mostly known for their splash EdCs and other body products.

    The house and all of their scents are missing.

    scents for women:
    corazón latino
    agua de flores
    miss vainilla

    "aires de sevilla" line: agua de rosas fresca; agua de azahar; primavera and beso a beso.

    for men:
    aire de sevilla hombre
    posseidon classic
    posseidon white
    lavanda inglesa 1903

    eau de colognes:
    colonia gotas de oro.
    anfora oro
    agua de rosas
    agua de gotas frescas

    i specially like the last two!!

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    Default Re: Instituto Español

    The unisex colognes do sound nice! I've added the house and all the fragrances, hopefully they will be in the directory in a couple of weeks.

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