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    Default Fruity fragrances

    To date, I've tried very few fragrances with any discernible fruit notes. Now that's not including the usual suspects like lemon and bergamot. I'm more referring to berries and apples. To date I've tried DKNY Be Delicious and Beyond Paradise for Men. Neither of which really struck me as anything great.. at all. Beyond Paradise was especially bad. I'm on the search for something with realistic fruit notes and isn't too sweet. It doesn't have to be pure fruit, of course. I just want them to be the main focus. Preferably something in the price range of $80-$120, but if there's something niche that you feel is extraordinary, do tell!
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    Default Re: Fruity fragrances

    Cool Water Game has not berries or apples, but has a wonderful watermelon smell. No resemblance with the original. Its a very safe blind buy, but if you want, go to the fragrance store and try it!

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    Default Re: Fruity fragrances

    Paco Rabanne XS
    Paco Rabanne 1 Million
    CK Euphoria Intense
    John Varvatos

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    Default Re: Fruity fragrances

    I just bought Annick Goutal's Mandragore and I detect a clear (and very pleasant) orange note. (Orange is not actually listed in the notes for this scent, so it's probably an orang-y vibe from the combination of the other notes.)
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    Default Re: Fruity fragrances

    Polo Black - Excellent mango note
    Paris Hilton for men - Yeah, don't give me that look! This is good. I think it's got watermelon.
    Lancetti via Condotti pour homme - The best fruity fragrance EVER with incredible longevity. smells like peaches.

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    Default Re: Fruity fragrances

    If we are not counting citrus/yuzu as fruit,
    and we discard the sour black currant as well (it's citrusy/tart)
    and instead opt for sweeter fruits,
    here are my Favorite fruity fragrances:

    1. Hermes D'Orange Verte - papaya/mango (fairly prominent)
    2. Millesime Imperial - melon
    3. Cereus #4 - green apple
    4. Caron L'Anarchiste - pear/apple
    5. Amouage Jubilation XXV - blackberry
    6. Pal Zileri - red Apple
    7. Aventus - apple, pineapple
    8. Maitre Fruits D' Automne - raspberry, blackberry
    9. L'Artisan Mure et Musc extreme - sweet blackberry
    10. Ralph Lauren Polo Sport - Pineapple

    Honorable mention - Polo Double Black, for making Mango work with coffee.

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    Default Re: Fruity fragrances

    Kenneth Cole Reaction - melon/apple

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    Default Re: Fruity fragrances

    Agreed with Dullah on Amouage Jubilation xxv. Maby more berry than fruit. I will also add Michael Kors for men. A very refined classy scent, with tobacco notes over a base of plum and sweet dried fruits. Delicious!

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    Default Re: Fruity fragrances

    For apples, I'd definetely say Kenneth Cole Reaction. For some reason, I can't really pick a good berry scent. Diesel Fuel for Life has raspberry, but I think it's more of an odd licorice smell than fruit. Maybe you have to go expensive niche for berries

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