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    Default Verdict: Avon fragrances

    They are all over ebay. Whats your take on it. Have you bought any, tried, and what you think of them?

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    Default Re: Verdict: Avon fragrances

    I had RPM and got rid of it (too much like cleaner spray). My wife got me something called Paradigm (old man sandalwood).
    Sampled Black Suede Touch off a towelette (not too bad).

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    Default Re: Verdict: Avon fragrances

    I have Wild Country and Tomorrow for Him. I must say that they are good frags in themselves, smell very nice, have good sillage and longevity and for the price i bought them, offer fantastic value for money. I don't mind telling people what i am wearing anytime i am asked.
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    Default Re: Verdict: Avon fragrances

    Patrick Dempsey Unscripted is good. One of my best cheapies.

    Derek Jeter Driven and Driven Black aren't bad.

    Tomorrow I don't care for but only because I'm not a fan of anise.

    Black Suede I don't care for but my gf really loves it.

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    Default Re: Verdict: Avon fragrances

    My sister worked as Avon lady so I sampled / have few of them.

    I had RPM (aka Full Speed) - very fresh, orange + woods. Girls love it.

    I still have Black Suede Touch edt + deo - very nice spicy vanilla. I wrote it here before, I'll do it again - this reminds me more peppery La Nuit from YSL. Deo and shower girl are very nice too (less peppery, more vanilla)

    My father has Individual Blue (which I hate much, even he dont like it because bottle is almost full) and Modern Balance which is bit better but wouldnt wear neither of them. Hard to describe to me but both are sweet, woody, masculine and synthetic.

    I really liked sample of Crisp Forest that reminds me forest lot.

    Only downside of two first mentioned fragrances is longevity. Otherwise they could be sold as designer fragrance for designer fragrance's price no problem.

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    Default Re: Verdict: Avon fragrances

    I have Perceive for Men (safe fresh scent I've never even worn once, but cool geometric bottle), HisStory (neat name but horrible bottle, the scent is just another safe, mildly spicy fresher.) I also have Tomorrow for Him, which is EXCELLENT for Avon. The bottle is quite obviously "inspired" by Dior Homme, but the two aren't alike at all. Tomorrow's a sweetly masculine warm amber. I'm going to give HisStory and Perceive to my father eventually, but Tomorrow's staying.
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    Default Re: Verdict: Avon fragrances

    Most of them are quite generic, not as much due to the price, but far more because of "blending in" too much with the ongoing mainstream trends

    Yet, aside from that Black Suede Touch, Class Act and Uomo are male frags by Avon way above their price tag, thus, as it has been mentioned before, good value for money

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    Default Re: Verdict: Avon fragrances

    I have Black Suede Touch and Noir, both are respectable fragrances and can be got cheaply ($10 Aus for 100mL of Black Suede Touch on sale), the only problem is their longevity - on my skin they tend to fade quickly.

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    Default Re: Verdict: Avon fragrances

    Quote Originally Posted by perfaddict View Post
    I have Wild Country and Tomorrow for Him. I must say that they are good frags in themselves, smell very nice, have good sillage and longevity and for the price i bought them, offer fantastic value for money. I don't mind telling people what i am wearing anytime i am asked.
    I used to own Tomorrow for Him and thought it was a decent frag. For me, it was comparable to Kors. Not the same mind you, but similar with a few hours hang time.

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    Default Re: Verdict: Avon fragrances

    I have a number of them, and IMHO they fall in two categories: inexpensive ones and value for money.

    The first ones are direct sales versions of drugstore scents, and in terms of style, I would say they can be described as classic blends:

    - Wild Country has very strong similarities to Dana's Canoe and Pinaud's Clubman, it is a classical barbershop scent, nothing more, nothing less, that according to many BNoters, hav been reformulated, this affecting its strength.

    - Woody Musk is very similar to Mugler's B*Men without the last one's sillage and longevity, but strong similarities in what many call rhubarb notes, these being nothing more than musk notes in fashion back in the 1970's. It is widely available in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil, but unavailable in the rest of the continent and the world.

    - Musk is very simlar to Jovan's, a tad sweeter and more femenine. As the rest, lacks sillage and longevity. Same thing as per its distribution.

    - Legacy Noire is a reinterpretation of Woody Musk: the same notes but stronger, with stronger sillage and somehow better longevity. It is bold, to the face, macho-like, somehow a reminder of past styles in use back in the 1970 - 1980's. Is is only available in Argentina.

    - Black Suede shares the same structure of Versace L'Homme and Dunhill 1934 without their finesse, maybe due to a very strong initial note that to my memory is somehow citric-powder like. Same with the rest, limited sillage and longevity.

    - Black Suede Touch is a tamer version of Bogart pour Homme with more spices in it. It does remind me of Armani Code.

    Now, let's talk about the not so inexpensive ones, of whch I can attest to Signature, Aromadisiac and Dempsey Unscripted II:

    - Signature reminds me of something I cannot recall, but the whole composition revolves around the present day concept of wood, some amberine-like gourmand notes and amber. It does have ramerking longevity and sillage, but the composition is not that original and somehow lineal.

    - Aromadisiac is very actual in its style, a spicy - red fruits and leather that does not have anything to do with classics under the same category. It does not have much sillage, but the fixation is quite remarkable, so it can be described as a close-to-the-skin scent with some complexity (spices - red fruits - leather).

    -Unscripted II is an amazing minimalist blend, this means it does not project much and having limited longevity, which for BNoters might be a disociative attribute.

    Avon's brands are far from being aspirational brandnames the way high-end perfume houses are, but IMHO their products are good provided you give yourself the chance of trying them: you might find one fitting your tastes, or maybe the right one for a particular occasion.
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    Default Re: Verdict: Avon fragrances

    I also had some Wild Country that I got as a gift. Didn't like it either and got rid of it.

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    Default Re: Verdict: Avon fragrances

    I found True Glow to be an interesting woody citrus that could be worn by a man.
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    Default Re: Verdict: Avon fragrances

    Mesmerize for men - fresh oriental a blend of green apple over a deep base of sweet myrrh.

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    Default Re: Verdict: Avon fragrances

    From my own personal experience:

    True Force: Oriental aquatic. Not bad for this price range. Similar to Aramis Life, although a little harsher and less complex. The bottle and the advertised notes suggest something earthy, but it's the exact opposite.

    Wild Country: Old school anise/powder/musk men's after shave. For $8 it's OK. Not sure where I'd wear it, though.

    Black Suede: Another musk. Wearable but kind of boring. Again, for $8 it's OK but nothing special.

    Patrick Dempsey Unscripted: Fantastic stuff. A softer, figgier version of Fahrenheit. Very refined, sophisticated fragrance. One of my favourite 21st Century scents.

    Jet Homme: Another fig-heavy fragrance, somewhat lightweight. Good summer scent.

    Tempest: 1990's fragrance that starts off aquatic then dries down to this more-expensive-Aqua-Velva base. Groovy spiral bottle. Very nice, but discontinued and very hard to find nowadays.

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    Default Re: Verdict: Avon fragrances

    For the price point, Avon scents can be good deals. With the female-focus of the advertising, the firm is often overlooked for men's fragrances. I have Wild Country, Black Suede, Black Suede Touch, Aromadisiac, and Jet Homme. I didn't pay more than $10 for any of them and they smell, for the most part, just fine if somewhat fleeting (JH, BST). For those in the SF Bay Area, there is an Avon retail outlet in Daly City so you can try all of 'em.
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    Default Re: Verdict: Avon fragrances

    I have one that I believe is discontinued called called Sugar Lemon. Smells just like that, nothing fancy, nice for a cheapie when I have one of my younger sisters over who don't like my more refined female collection.

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    Default Re: Verdict: Avon fragrances

    Thanks for bringing up this subject. I've been on an Avon tear lately, I figure it's a good way to try varying types of fragrances for a low price, especially when found on ebay.

    I'm interested in Aromadisiac, some other fragrance review site has a posting that compares Aromadisiac for Him to a Tom Ford cologne!

    I've never taken a whiff of a Tom Ford concoction but with all the hoopla he gets in the media and reviews I figure that's an Avon scent worth trying......or it could just be an Avon rep. trying to add some "hype" to one of his or her products.

    As for my experience with Avon cologne, I like Tomorrow, Black Suede Touch, True Force and Uomo.
    I can see how people may like Wild Country but it's a headache inducer for me so I passed it on to my father, it does have that Pinaud/Barbershop heavy not to it.
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    Default Re: Verdict: Avon fragrances

    I just recently experienced Avon's men's line for the first time ever. I blind bought three: Wild Country, Signature and Black Suede, mainly because the prices were great and sounded interesting. I really like all three, and I love Black Suede, which is a spicy floral oriental, very old school. Wild Country is old school barbershop fougere - excellent. Signature is a transparent, light textured, dark woody oriental, with incredible sillage. All have good longevity too. Great value here.
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    Default Re: Verdict: Avon fragrances

    My favorites have been mentioned several times: Black Suede and Wild Country.

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    Default Re: Verdict: Avon fragrances

    The ones I've tried have been worth the money, and some were real bargains, such as Mesmerize and Starring. Patrick Dempsey Unscripted was okay but not my "cup of tea." Same with Tomorrow. I had a Jet towelette sample but it didn't impress me as something I'd want, though it's hard to tell with those things. I still have bottles of Mesmerize and Starring, and they were among the biggest bargains, considering that I like them and paid less than $10 total for the two.

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