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    Default Rebuilding my wardrobe... where to start?

    hey gentleman!

    i've decided i'm rebuilding my fragrance wardrobe. several years ago i became addicted into collecting scents, rare bottles... basically, i had to have everything i sampled. and at the time i was working in a department store fragrance counter, so getting a bottle or two a week was not a problem (with the giveaways, promotions etc.. i always had something new). at my peak, i had upwards of 60 bottles in my armoire. but after spending 4 years traveling, my addiction faded away and i just lost interest.

    my current "wardrobe" (which is basically just a handful of bottles in a leather case in my sock drawer) consists of a few favorites, mostly designer, and a handful received as gifts. but hardly anything i'd consider a "go to" fragrance. being a somewhat minimalist, i have a fear of getting back to the stage where i start filling drawers with fragrances, harassing the mailman for not delivering my packages on time, and getting to know the sales associates at the counters better than my family members.. i just want to create the perfect (well, perfect to me) little wardrobe that can relied upon in any situation.

    what i'm looking to build is a small (i'm talking 10 to 15 bottles) of essential fragrances that i can choose from to match with any occasion. as in a clothing wardrobe (the perfect white shirt, the perfect flat front pant, the two button suit... you get the idea), there are essential pieces. i'm not looking for individual fragrance names yet, but i'm trying to narrow it down to types. a fougere, and oud, a gourmand, an aquatic.. ???

    so i'm asking for a little guidance here.. what types of fragrances are essential to a wardrobe? how can i cover pretty much everything with as few fragrances as possible?

    (thanks in advance for anyone who has suggestions).


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    Default Re: Rebuilding my wardrobe... where to start?

    Well, there are several references possible to take into acount.
    I just realised, my comment might have been a little too short
    My suggestions are based on the intention to cover every or at least most situations and conditions you could be faced with. Now, I realise notebased frags aren't really inevitable needs but since you asked for the perfect drobe consisting of 10-15 bottles I thought you might as well take these into consideration.
    All suggestions to these categories are naturally just possible options for me, you might as well just exchange any.
    But to be set, this is what I would think of.
    And yes, it's a "what if" for me, too

    Categories might be:

    Winter: Rochas Man / Body Kouros
    Spring: Blenheim bouqut
    Summer: Monsieur balmain / Versace PH / any fresh scent
    Fall: Rive Gauche PH
    Formal: Pour Monsieur (Chanel) / l'Instand de Guerlain
    Romantic: MR
    Fell good Frag: depends on your preference, amybe a cosy amber
    A Vetiver: Guerlain or other
    An Incense: Avignon / Gucci PH
    Oriental: L'dDM
    BFFF (if I might quote Vibert ): Jules / Azzaro PH
    Fresh, green Floral: Tilleul
    And maybe a signature for whenever the mood strikes

    Just my 2 cents
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    Default Re: Rebuilding my wardrobe... where to start?

    Well, you need a formal fragrance that goes with nice clothes and fancy situations, but maybe rarely worn, unless you get something with enough versatility to go with business suit and the like. So if you can find a "high-end business frag", that could help fill a minimalist wardrobe. Tom Fords are nice in that space.

    You need a sporty fragrance that you can wear when exercising or being active - something cooling for summer. Very likely a citrus or fresh scent. Citrus is nice because it can double as a dinner scent, etc.

    You need a romantic scent - often a gourmand. Should be age-appropriate sexy to come off correctly.

    You need a "go-to" frag for all occasions. Must be a favorite, because the person you are pleasing is YOU. If you can't settle on a year-rounder for this, then get two - a go-to for spring/summer and one for fall/winter.

    One final word - I, personally, would never go back to such a skimpy wardrobe. This is just a "what if" exercise for me!
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