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    has anyone tried this scent. Surprisingly the samba scents are not that bad. i saw this one at marshalls and was wondering is it a good blind buy .

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    Sounds like a new one. I think they are generally good, especially for the price, but they aren't as "edgy" as they could be. Instead, most seem to be made to please the "masses," such as Nova Men being similar to Le Male. I'd say Heat for Men and Kiss Me for Men are the best, especially in terms of uniqueness, but I haven't tried all of them. There isn't much discussion of them here probably because they don't provide samples (AFAIK) and sites like TPC don't offer them. I'd say they are not of "niche quality," in terms of ingredients, so that group of BNers isn't interested in them, generally-speaking.

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    I own Samba Kiss Me and it's wonderful, worth every penny! I just ordered Heat today actually, as it looks like a promising one and was recommended by BN some time ago. As for Sun, I was contemplating ordering this or Viva too and going completely blind since there are no reviews whatsoever. Instead I decided to go with the more popular ones to see what's the best they have to offer.

    I disagree with you though, Bigs.. I think they are of niche quality. Then too I've only tried one thus far. Kiss Me.. Unique, thick, rich, all qualify as standards when looking into the far more expensive niche frags. Kiss Me feels like it's worth 10 times more than what it costs. Corny names, and bottles along with bad marketing do these fragrances no justice; but with some tweaking, these could easily be hot fragrances in department stores!

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    Some good-quality ingredients can be had at low prices, so if a perfumer focuses on "naturalness," this can be achieved at reasonable prices. Kiss Me Man has a "dusty metallic" quality that LT has described with regard to other frags, though some might not notice or actually like it, of course. Also, I thought the lavender in Nova Man was really cheap. I'd be curious to hear what others have to say, especially those who wear niche frags regularly.

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