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    Default Rochas Man: The Sybil of Fragrances

    To describe Rochas Man is something i can't do in a few words. Normally, i wouldn't post an extensive opinion unless i know exactly what i want to say and how to describe it. When i try to describe Rochas Man i get absolutely overwhelmed with so many different elements, it's impossible to put into a sentence or two.

    I'd heard about RM a few times in the past (this being 2 months ago roughly), and decided to try it out since it was said to be like A*Men. I checked it out at Sephora and really liked it so i bought a 1.6oz. Truth is, i didn't know what i was getting myself into...The reason i picked such a weird title is because that is the only way i can describe it. Anyone who has seen the movie or read the book about Sybil knows about her personality disorder. Without getting off topic with the horrific causes of the disorder, quite simply, Sybil is many people in one. Rochas Man is many fragrances in one.

    All fragrances have top, middle, base notes, minus the few linear fragrances. Rochas Man does have these, but there's top middle and bases, WITHIN the top middle and base notes.

    The first phase is what i call the "sweet herb" phase. I get an immediate bergamot that gives way to other greens, all covered in sugar. The next phase is what i call the "psycho carnival" phase. What i mean by that, is there is a central theme of cotton candy, however, there are so many other notes swirling around, it's a tornado really: everything collides and merges. The next phase is more or less the "eye of the storm". The cotton candy remains, however raspberries erupt from it to make what i consider the best middle notes i've smelled. Raspberry cotton candy. The storm picks up again, but it's weaker...and ultimately the wreckage is a phoenix: the final phase is a blazing, sweet white chocolate with raspberries. Also, the tornado happened to hit a Starbucks and spilled lattes everywhere. And this is just one of the possibilities! I've had some many different developments from this that i really don't know how to describe all of them, hence why it's "Sybil of Scent".

    If that description made any sense, you're probably thinking "this fragrance must be up there with JOOP! in terms of projection and power." That's where the paradox comes in: This fragrance is a silent explosion. The immediate opening is pretty lethal, however it dies down quickly to a skin scent. My whole "storm description" refers to the turmoil of notes.

    I think my whole point of that is this thing is blended extremely well. Back to reality...

    I get at the most 9 hours from this one. If i get overheated at some point in the day, this thing burns out faster than a 200 year old dead log drenched in gasoline. Literally that fast, gone in 20 minutes. Definitely a winter scent.

    The bottle is supposedly a "high tech dagger placed down?" To me it looks like something X-rated...idk it's one of the most random bottles i've seen to date.

    I call this the cuddle fragrance as its warm and sweet, it's perfect for a close night with that special someone.

    Verdict...No, that's not right...

    Confused Verdict: If you really pay attention to this one, you're just gunna end up confused. An overall perspective is the better option: its an ultra-sweet fragrance with some greens that give way to raspberry cotton candy, white chocolate, and hints of coffee. It's a great date scent and probably should be used in colder whether due to its ability to burn out very fast.

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    Default Re: Rochas Man: The Sybil of Fragrances

    For me it was a searingly sweet lavender. Definitely not for me. I'll stick with ones like Polo Double Black, Jacomo for Men (Silver), and Armani Attitude for Men.

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    Default Re: Rochas Man: The Sybil of Fragrances

    Hits me like a chocolaty brown sugar gourmand. Perfect for when you're in a mood for that sort of thing. Works best in chilly weather, evening wear only, IMO. What amazes me about Rochas Man: it's really hard to pull off such a rich gourmand without the fragrance eventually disintegrating into some chemically "off" notes. Rochas Man stays good to the end.

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    Default Re: Rochas Man: The Sybil of Fragrances

    Wow...that was quite an interesting review. I wore Rochas Man for about six months before selling it off. I didn't have any problems with it but my nose had become anosmic to the smell of it. Part of me wishes I still had some around. I'll say this about it: its one of those fragrances that I perceive different combinations of notes each time I wear it; sometimes I experience more coffee, sometimes more lush vanilla, and sometimes a lot more citrus notes in the top. Either way, its always a pleasant experience.

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    Default Re: Rochas Man: The Sybil of Fragrances

    Gotta revisit this.
    It's one of the very first gourmands I encountered but never got around to purchasing it, albeit tremendous affection.
    Instead at some point I got Cuba (gold?), Body Kouros and got sick of both, maybe because I wore them in the heat too much.
    Rochas Man is a gem, fairly linear to my nose, comfy/cosy go-to scent kinda thing that reminds me of baking chocolate cookies in the winter. Cocoa, coffee, vanilla, just great.
    Definitely one for the list to thoroughly test during fall.
    Smellin good

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    Default Re: Rochas Man: The Sybil of Fragrances

    I actually think this is "the" gourmand. A*Men is a gourmand beast yes, but that's what it is.. a beast! Overbearing for many, which makes it a love or hate fragrance. Rochas is far more versatile, I too get 8+ hours longevity with this. But, I must recommend you try Bod Man Body Heat Sexy x2 in the pineapple/grenade bottle. Looks can be deceiving.. that's all I can really say. Oh ya.. and that it smells just like Rochas Man and cost much less. RM is already cheap online, Bod Man is much cheaper.

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    Default Re: Rochas Man: The Sybil of Fragrances

    I'm afraid of what the ladies may think I have planned for them if they come over for a party or sleepover if they see the bottle. I was taken aback when I took it out of the box, even though I'd already seen it online... Maybe a dual purpose bottle? O.o

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    Default Re: Rochas Man: The Sybil of Fragrances

    RM seems very linear to me.

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