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    Default Today I Sampled...September 2010

    Technically, it was yesterday when I sampled several perfumes. I went to my local Nordstrom just to see what was new there.

    I started with Aqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani. This one was being pushed, it must be really new there, even the SAs were wearing a nice blue Aqua di Gioia t-shirt. I was pleasantly surprised by this one. It is easy to wear, and fun. Incredible lasting power. I sprayded a paper with it and it is still going strong, some 27 hours later. It is fresh, a little aquatic, but not in a bad way. It strikes me as a beach scent. It is not a masterpiece, but I think this should have been issued at the beginning of Summer, not at the end.

    Next I tried Gucci Guilty, love the name and the inspiration (I still have that old Barbara Streisand LP with Barry Gibb). The perfume is nice, flowery, also easy to wear and it is not super sweet, or a Carmen Miranda fruit hat. It is a bit fruity, and flowery in a delicious way. Very innoffensive and probably easy to wear for work or as a daily perfume. I think I would have gladly worn this 10-15 years ago. Although it is nice, I will not get a FB of this, because what won my heart and nose was...

    Eau Claire des Merveilles. I found this beautiful. I expected by the name and the fact that it is a JC Elena creation for this perfume to be very clean and barely there, but this is not the case. It starts a little bit citrusy, but not overtly, then I get a Bois Farine kind of accord that opens the door for the Eau de Merveilles accord with a little serving of vanilla. It is not short lived, and although it is airy, there is a presence there. I have read reviews about a cheese accord, or milky accord. I think of it as creamy. I brought a sample of this with me to see if I still like it and whether I should open my wallet. I also sprayed a bit of Eau des Merveilles and Elixir des Merveilles for comparison. The Eau stayed with me for a long time. I am very surprised I never bought this one.

    While I was waiting for the SA to bring the tester for Eau Claire des Marveilles I triede Hermes Voyage. It is lovely but very airy. I loved the bottle. The drydown reminds me of something of my childhood that has to do with spending weekends and summers at my cousins house in the country, especially by the swimming pool. No, it does not smell of swimming pool, it smells of something in their back yard which brought good memories. I need to revisit this, although for cologne type perfumes, I rather have Cologne du Parfumeur or Chanel Eau de Cologne.

    I moved across the counter to try Escale au Marquis. It is nice, but since I have Portofino I was not overly impressed. Also it did not fare well with my nose, since I was still enchanted with Eau Claire des Merveilles. Don't get me wrong, it is nice, but of all the Escales I think this is the one I like the least because I did not find anything remarkable. It is very pleasant, though.

    Lolita Lempicka Eau de Desir is nice, not too strong. I did a side-by-side with the original Lolita Lempicka and while the original is a vanilla bomb (in a good way, of course) Desir seemed very shy in comparison. I need to revisit this one because my nose was very tired then.

    Finally, I sprayed the new Balenciaga and I still like it.

    Some side notes: 1) The SAs were pushing the new Armani and Gucci, as well as Marc Jacobs Lola, Flower Bomb, and Eau Mega. One of the SAs seemed a bit offended that I did not want to try those. I explained that I had already smelled those and was saving some skin for the newer perfumes. 2) I saw Eau Claire under the counter but not the tester. When I asked about it the SA did not know what I was talking about. She had to call her manager who went and got it from another counter. I was surprised because usually SAs at Nordstrom are very well trained, oh well. 3) I also got samples of two perfumes I have already tried before and that I like: Chloe Fleurs de Capuccine and Chanel Bleu. Yes, I know, I don't understand my fascination with Bleu. I can't totally bring myself to confess that I like it , but I spray it everytime I set foot in a department store, some crazy obsession. As for Capuccine, I am working on a review of another scent and I wanted to compare (yeah, that's right, this sounds like a great excuse!).

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    Default Re: Today I Sampled...September 2010

    OMG...I should stop reading all these posts.

    In my part of the Universe, there isn't even a Chanel counter, let alone specialty fragrance stores!

    All we have are brandy brand things like Dior(no Hypnotic Poison even, with joy over snagging one off eBay turning to disappointment when the payment was cleared by PP but not received by the seller who even opened an unpaid item case against me[sorry - long OT rant]!), Ralph Lauren, tiring synthetic offerings from the likes of Lancome, Moschino & Anna Sui.

    I bet I have the largest private perfume collection(only 30 bottles btw) in my town of 300 000 ppl!

    (Ok, maybe not the largest, but definitely in the top 50)

    I'm 'sampling' & re-sampling stuff I received over the past month off the Bay to relieve the frag-itch.

    In other words, I have to BUY all my 'samples', and the bank-o-meter tank is running a little low...

    Yesterday was Chanel-obsession day.

    Today will be Lan-Guerli-Patou-vin day :P
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    Default Re: Today I Sampled...September 2010

    I tried the new Armani and Loved it!!! This is really nice.....I also tried the new Gucci and thought it was also very nice!!! 2 winners if You ask me!!!

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    Default Re: Today I Sampled...September 2010

    Sampled a bottle of Joy 'extrait' manufactured in Barcelona(is that even likely?)

    Felt familiar on my skin for a short while, then vanished like an unfounded rumour in the wind...

    ...adulterated with ALCOHOL,I suspect!

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    Default Re: Today I Sampled...September 2010

    I tried the new Armani. Loved it on paper, HATED it on my skin. It does not work with my chemistry at all. (I hate when that happens) I also tried the new Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle and I really liked it. It's not as sweet as the orginal, and on me has a bit of a "beachy, coppertone" thing going on at first, but in a good way.

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    Default Re: Today I Sampled...September 2010

    Today ,as an intellectual exercise whilst waiting for the repairman to come to the house * yawn* I decided to open mylittle vintage extrait bottle of Mitsouko - probably late 80s early 90s version and do a side by side comparison with 2009 Mitsouko extrait.

    The little vintage bottle is so damned perfect- the most perfect I have owned so far.
    I have just cut open the seal which broke my heart but no use in saving things forever......

    The vintage starts off a little astringent, some citrus,some woods . The scent is in perfect condition.The oakmoss present is delectable - smooth ,a little powder and then that peachiness. It's soft, deep, dark woody oakmossy peach.
    The new extrait compared side by side- the opening is so much brighter ,cleaner - as said before, the bready,gassy top is there. It's not unpleasant but very very different from the vintage. Completely different scents in the top notes. In the heart notes for some time, both versions smell very similar with the peach being more emphasised in the new extrait. The vintage is all about dark peach wood and the new is brighter milky peach and lighter woods.

    In the drydown, the vintage remains smooth ,dark woods,moss and some peach but the new extrait moves to peach-iris and what I get as 'milky woods.'
    So for me, the heart is more or less the same but the opening and the dry downs are different. Quite different. The new extrait is definitely brighter, cleaner and less lasting .
    The vintage rolls out and purrs ,is elegant. The new is still very elegant but just cleaner, more succinct overall, to me.
    However, if you wore either versions of the extrait separately, they are still Mitsouko and can be recognised as such. Worn as I have done- one version on each arm- as a comparison, the differences really do reveal themselves.

    I love both versions, now favoring the new . The difference for me ,also lies in the peach note - the note that I love the most in Mitsouko.
    In the vintage that I have- the peach is velvety ,golden and a little dark. In the new ,it's a shimmering gold peach note. Both are stunning but I do love the shimmer of the new.
    Vintage Mitsouko is more lauguid in character and the new is pert .
    ( Other extraits of Mitsouko ,that I have- the character is fruitier ,spicier ,louder. The packaging is the same from 80s/ 90s - black and gold stripes.)

    Ok, I've now yakked my head off about this glorious fragrance that seems to have more personalities than Sybil.
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    Default Re: Today I Sampled...September 2010

    Today, I wandered off to the fragrances section and tried out Womanity by Thierry Mugler on a blotter. It's actually quite pleasant but it was better, to me, when it got to the dry down of things. The first thing I told my mum when she saw that I had a blotter in my hand (with that amused smile she has when she's about to laugh at my new fragrance addiction) is how the other ones are much better.

    Now, I can't wait to keep on sampling!

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