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    Talking Ordered my first "niche" fragrance samples

    Hi all,

    I have recently started to take an active interest in fragrances. I am 24 years old and have recently ordered a bulk load of main stream samples from ebay, as I have been seeking new fragrances. Currently, from the fragrances I have sampled over the years my favourites are:

    JPG- Le Male
    Paco Rabanne- Ultraviolet Man
    L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Intense
    Gucci- Envy
    Cerruti- 1881

    Having read a fair few posts on here, I decided to order a sample of two Creed fragrances. I have today ordered GIT and MI (2ml samples!). I am really looking forward to trying these. Do you think I will like the fragrances, given my favourites from those I have tried so far?

    Any other fragrances you think I should try? I have plans to order samples of niche frangrances such as Tom Ford and also some main streams I havn't tried, like Cool Water and Aqua Di Gio, Allure Homme, Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L'Homme..
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    Default Re: Ordered my first "niche" fragrance samples

    Received the samples and on first smell I am not impressed and think both are overhyped! GIT is alright, only had it on 10 mins but it smells too strongly of what I think is melon! However, as I type that seems to be dying down a little and its settling to smell a little nicer. I'm still not a big fan though and much prefer scents like le male and chrome azzaro. I shall report back later though, after i've full experienced it.

    I havn't applied IM yet on myself as i'm waiting until after a shower this evening so the two scents don't get mixed up, but I applied it on the card it came with and my god, it stinks of paint stripper! Why the hell do these both smell vulgar when first applying- i've never experienced this before.

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    Default Re: Ordered my first "niche" fragrance samples

    Green Irish Tweed and Millesime Imperial certainly don't smell offensive on me when first applying. They're not two of my favourites from Creed, but reading that you've got these off Ebay, if they smell like paint stripper they're probably years old and have gone rancid. Personally I'd never buy a sample of anything from Ebay.

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    Default Re: Ordered my first "niche" fragrance samples

    They're defiantely the real deal, and have developed into nice scents now- very fruity. But I don't like them, they're not for me. I just re-applied MI and it does have a strange smell when first applied- maybe nail varnish is a more accurate description. That seems to quickly fade though, almost instantly. I got them here, they do alot of Niche fragrances:

    What niche fragrances would you recommend I try next, maybe something from Tom Ford?

    I also want to try mainstream fragrances: Acqua Di Gio, 1 Million and JPG le male terrible, and fleur de male.

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    Default Re: Ordered my first "niche" fragrance samples

    Niche fragrances?

    by Killian Back to Black
    Comme des Garcons Incense Avignon
    Comme des Garcons 2 Man
    Amouage Reflection Man
    Creed Bois du Portugal
    Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan

    Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver is rather nice in my opinion too.

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