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    Default BBC require fragrance enthusiasts to talk about influential fragrances.

    The producers of the BBC's forthcoming series about the fragrance industry are keen to reach a few fans who would enjoy extolling the virtues of particular fragrances. We know, of course, that the Basenotes community are, by definition, a broad church with catholic tastes and enthusiasms, but we're after individuals who could speak for a single fragrance with passion. In this series of three hour-long films we are hoping to occasionally interrupt the flow of the narrative with testimony from people who have had - or are still in the throes of - a love affair with Charlie, Shalimar, Angel, Obsession, Farenheit or of course, Chanel 5. Suggestions of other fragrances are welcome - it's warmth of emotion and the ability to talk that counts. The film is chock full of perfumers, so you don't need to talk chemistry, but we'd be asking about association, memory and of course, base and heart note.

    At present these are just some of the fragrances we will be marking out as pivotal, market-warping landmarks, though the majority of the story concerns the here and now and follows life at houses and companies across the industry. Here's the rub: we'd need to bring the camera to your dressing table and spend an hour with you and your juice. You can contact us via Grant - or via the director on
    Ideally you need to be located in the London / Home Counties area or New York

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    Default Re: BBC require fragrance enthusiasts to talk about influential fragrances.

    Well, it ain't gonna happen with me, somewhere off in the backwater of South Northeastern Midwestia with my bottle of Chanel no.5 Eau Première and my bottle of Bleu de Chanel. But I'm sure every BNer has at least one juice they're still stark raving bonkers in love with, and there have to be big bunch of us in the NYC area. I sure hope we had some takers. I'd love to see some BNers in this thing.

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    Default Re: BBC require fragrance enthusiasts to talk about influential fragrances.

    Not me either but I would love to see the end product. How wonderful that they contacted you Grant!
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    Default Re: BBC require fragrance enthusiasts to talk about influential fragrances.

    I've just spotted this and emailed Ian now : ) My table creaks under the weight of sixty odd bottles! x

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