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    Unhappy Fragrances just not for me?

    I've been on/off with fragrances for the last year or so. As in, I always wear one and will always try some testers if I'm in a store, but I've can go for months without ever thinking about them.

    My problem is, I haven't yet found a fragrance that's really blown me away. In fact, almost all of the things with good reviews (by Basenoters or people in general) I've tried have left me sorely dissapointed. For example;

    AdG - Entirely synthetic, made me feel sick
    Cool Water - Same synthetic smell, but more mild
    Terre d'Hermes - Awful! I threw the test paper away almost as soon as I got it
    Le Male - I found this one really feminine!
    GIT - Didn't find this pleasant at all. Really sharp and sour, I found
    Burberry London - Smelled like pink smoker lollies!

    I've also tried a lot more that I can't care to recall. Of the Creed range, the only on I liked was MI, but that came off my skin in about 30 minutes. The only other frag I've loved is L'eau D'Issey, which me best friends father (who was and still is the coolest man I know) wore as a signiture scent.

    As well as that, I find it impossible to distinguish individual 'notes' in a fragrance- either it smells good or it doesn't.

    Am I just to unsophistacated for fragrances? too course? I'd love to have some kind of signiture scent, but as it is I can't find any that I like

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    Default Re: Fragrances just not for me?

    Why, dont give up that easily I would say.
    Those you mentioned I can understand not liking, except CW I dont approve of any, either.

    MAybe you should just try a wider variety. The classics, different lines (say : styles) such as PdE, Tauer etc. They all offer distinguishingly different characteristics which may lead you to your kind of style.
    Only because you are hard to please doesnt mean its impossible that there's "the" perfect scent for you.

    The other option would be that frags are just not catching you interest all that much, after all and that's no worries, I'd say, it's certainly the cheaper way out.
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    Default Re: Fragrances just not for me?

    It can be a quest. I dislike most of what I sample. My collection is very small for BN standards as a result.

    If you like Leau D' Issey, look for the Summer 2009 or 2010 edition which is better (to my nose, at least)

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    Default Re: Fragrances just not for me?

    What scents do you like outside of the fragrance world? Fruits? Woods? incense?

    If you're not liking the best sellers, I understand, I don't either, except for Le Male and maybe burberry london. Here are a few routes you can look into:

    Classics: Habit Rouge, Heritage...

    Female Fragrance: Ange ou Demon, Shalimar, Poison, Narciso Rodriguez For her...

    Exotic fragrances: Middle Eastern fragrances

    Niche brands, real ones not creeds: Tom Ford, Amouage, Montale, MPG, Frapin, Frederic Malle, Serge Lutens. Tom Ford and Montale's are probably the best two to start with.

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    Default Re: Fragrances just not for me?

    Either you get out and try smelling a lot of stuff, putting some effort into finding and trying things, or you're right, fragrances just are not for you.
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