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    Default Kelly Caleche color/formulation question

    Hello. I have been robbed of a wonderful fragrance. Maybe those who own or have tried Kelly Caleche EDT can have an answer to my question... Has the formulation been changed?

    My story: I had a tester mini (regular sample size from Sephora) of Kelly Caleche EDT. It's been sitting in my cosmetics stashaway bag for quite some time, forgotten and with no interest invested.
    Once I tried it, I absolutely fell in love with it. I used up the entire contents over several days and decided it could by my signature fragrance, tried under different moods and circumstances.

    When I bought a bottle in spring from an online discounter store, I got different color juice. It was definitely not as pink as the sample: subtler, more orangey, leaning towards soft brown - I wouldn't even classify it as pink at all! I instantly thought that I got a fake product or something old, returned the perfumes (with ~20% loss), and decided to order from Hermes online store. To my biggest dismay, the Hermes edt was the same as the discounters one!!

    So I am very sad, although I still wear the not-so-favorite orange formulation, but it definitely doesn't have the original kick. This one is more subdued, the herbal notes aren't as sharp, pink pepper is too annoying, and the leather is hidden much further (although in the pink sample the leather was also subtle). The staying power is also very disappointing.

    Folks here in basenotes write that their juice is pink (many hate it). This is driving me crazy. I want pink also!
    I'm not sure whether the sample bottle could have been a different formula, or maybe Hermes changed it to a different concentration (such as edp)... I've also found in the forum that edp is supposed to be sweeter and with less leather, so I don;t think that's it...

    Maybe someone has the answer or at least could share with me whether the liquid in their bottle of Kelly Caleche edt is really that pink or actually light brown?
    If it's of any importance, I got the sample probably around 2007-8, and bought the actual bottle in 2010.

    Thanks a lot, this is really important to me...

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    Default Re: Kelly Caleche color/formulation question

    The true colour of the EDT is a very light pink. I think the older bottles show some age in the colour, which turns orangey and brownish.

    Usu. the scent does not change that much. I had this happen when buying from a discounter. If you want a nice pink, guaranteed new bottle, you may have to pony up and buy from a boutique.

    I prefer the lighter, leatherier EDT to the EDP.
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    Default Re: Kelly Caleche color/formulation question

    Now I will definitely try to at least sample some at the boutique, compare the colors et al.
    I thought that buying from hermes dot com would equal buying from the boutique, but I guess not... Interestingly enough, the color in the sample vial didn't turn at all, and I kept it for a couple years!
    Also, I wanted to ask you if you own a bottle, when did you acquire it? Or when did you try the fragrance? Perhaps pink was the old edition?

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    Default Re: Kelly Caleche color/formulation question

    You should be able to call or email Hermes and ask them what year the perfume you received was made. If you give them the serial number from the bottom of the bottle, they can tell you. I checked my bottle of Kelly Caleche and it's pink, I just bought it this year and it's just like the samples I've had before. Go to the Hermes website, then go to contact us and there's a place to email them. They also give a phone number and they should be able to help you also. It's terribly disappointing to receive a product that is already past it's prime, I hope they can help you straighten this out.

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    Default Re: Kelly Caleche color/formulation question

    I have a bottle I ordered from about 8 months ago and it's still pink.

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