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    Default Any experience in adding fragrance to fragrance-free laundry detergent?

    I know it may sound dumb but it crossed my mind.

    I always purchase fragrance free detergent but the thought of adding a fragrance crossed my mind.

    I also thought of adding Dr. Bronner's scented all natural liquid soap.

    Thoughts please.

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    Default Re: Any experience in adding fragrance to fragrance-free laundry detergent?

    detergent fragrance needs to be incredible tough. it's a very different matter from personal perfumes, only in very large amounts some of these might survive 1.5 hours tumbling in warm water. i think it would be a waste of your precious perfumes, and better to spray the clothes lightly after washing them.

    to compare: imagine what happened to your perfume, if you would shower for that long while continuously rubbing the spot where the perfume was applied.

    it's the same reason why a perfume on clothing is always gone after a wash.

    i'm sorry to give you bad news...

    you could try to make something yourself if you're up for that. make something that is not too expensive and very, very basenotes heavy. tough musks are a good idea (that's what the industry does). those stand the best change. good luck, if you are going to try this!

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    Default Re: Any experience in adding fragrance to fragrance-free laundry detergent?

    Try the synthetic musks as the other poster suggested.

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