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  • Dior Homme

    7 35.00%
  • Dior Homme Intense

    11 55.00%
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    Default Your opinion on Dior Homme (Intense)

    I love the regular Dior Homme and most women seem to like it too. Do you like the Intense version? I feel this one is more special but opinions seem to be more mixed. Thanks for your input
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    Thumbs up Re: Your opinion on Dior Homme Intense

    I love both, but my vote is DIOR HOMME. On me the drydown of DIOR HOMME is that beautiful iris note, which lasts forever on me. The dry down of INTENSE is more vanilla, but it is also beautiful
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    Default Re: Your opinion on Dior Homme Intense

    I bought Dior Homme Intense to my ex when we were still together. Really like it on him,but on me I prefer Dior Homme. Love that scent!
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    Default Re: Your opinion on Dior Homme (Intense)

    Can I have more input from the women here? Most voters were men...
    Acqua di Gi is my guilty pleasure. What's yours?

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    Default Re: Your opinion on Dior Homme (Intense)

    I'm reviving this thread. I'm interested to know what people's opinions are on this. Can people start voting?

    I was testing Dior Homme and on my skin last night and it smells very smooth, very elegant, very classy. I initially had a bad impression of the scent as I've heard many talk about it being overtly feminine. I can appreciate the lipstick accord, it cuts through as being unique and different from many of the offerings today. The dry down is where I get really impressed, I get a sweet, almost floral chocolate accord at the end and it sits perfectly on my skin. I can see myself wearing this.

    Let's vote on this and Dior Homme Intense!

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    Default Re: Your opinion on Dior Homme (Intense)

    I'm also interested in the results of this...I have yet to smell either, but have seen a lot of praise for Intense on here. I may need to try these soon.
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