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    Unhappy recommend something sweet

    Hi. Can someone recommend a perfume for me? I am a girl in my mid 20s. I wouldn't want a perfume that older women use or young teenage girls. I guess i don't like anything that's 'too strong' and i'd like it to be sweet and not very floral. Other then that i like a lot or perfumes but i cant find one that suits me. I think i like vanilla and lavender? Or simply something sweetish

    Thank you

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    Default Re: recommend something sweet

    Hi, welcome to basenotes! The sweetest ones l've tried recently are Nina by Nina Ricci, Allure Sensuelle by Chanel, & YSL Parisienne, all quite sophisticated yet youthful scents l think. Good luck!
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    Default Re: recommend something sweet

    Hi postage and welcome to Basenotes.
    I find Angel by Thierry Mugler is very sweet when a woman comes near me wearing it, but it's very popular from the amount of people I know who use it, between the ages of around 25 up to mid 40's.

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    Default Re: recommend something sweet

    Hi postage, welcome to basenotes. I have a few that I think are sweet and for someone in their mid twenties.
    1. Pink Sugar by Aquolina
    2. Nina by Nina Ricci
    3. Fancy Love by Jessica Simpson, my daughters favorite
    4. Le'a by Saffron James
    5. Insolence by Guerlain
    6. Angel Garden of the Stars by Thierry Mugler (lily, peony, rose or violet)
    7. Parisenne by Yves Saint Laurent
    8. Loukhoum eau Poudree by Keiko Mecheri
    9. Angel by Thierry Mugler (you might like Angel Innocent better, not as loud)
    10. Fancy by Jessica Simpson
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    Default Re: recommend something sweet

    Sonia Rykiel's Belle en Rykiel is a really nice sweetish scent that I think would suit a 20something. It has lavender notes up top & vanilla at the base.

    It's available reasonably priced at internet e-tailers too.

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    Default Re: recommend something sweet

    Have you tried the Benefit line? Laughing with LeeLee, Lookin' to Rock Rita, etc. There are 6 in all, I think. I can't remember which is which right now but one of them might fit the bill for you.

    Gucci Rush is sweet, if I remember correctly. And a very nice fragrance.

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    Default Re: recommend something sweet

    Rochas Man >__>
    women can use it
    I hear it is strong though but my nose does not get it.

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    Default Re: recommend something sweet

    L'Instant and all its flankers from Guerlain could work. Also Dior Addict, CK Euphoria, the Lolita Lempickas, Kenzo Flower and Amour.

    If you're a bit more daring you could try Shalimar, it is vanilla with bergamote and smoke. Classy, special and absolutely ageless.

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    Default Re: recommend something sweet

    Pink Sugar
    Please feel free to check out my Swap Thread - Patou pour Homme, L'Instant de Guerlain PH Extreme, Dior Homme Intense, Pure Malt, Pure Coffee and many more! Click Here For My Swap Thread

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    Default Re: recommend something sweet

    Lol, I see many pink sugar recommendations incoming. You'll probably like it if you're young and not an expert in fragrances. I'd try to say something different and recommend Burberry Brit.

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    Default Re: recommend something sweet

    Here's a unisex that's personally too sweet for me. You might want to smell Gaultier 2 by JPG. Very sweet (too sweet for me) with a very nice vanilla. Just go easy on the sprays since it's quite potent.
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    Default Re: recommend something sweet

    For lavender my fav is The Healing Gardens lavendertherapy .Vanilla - Vanilla Fantasy by Body Fantasies, or a Bath &Body Works vanilla . Another to try is PI by Givenchy marketed to men it is a sort of fougere/vanilla that works well for anyone regardless of gender.I have read a review that said the whole family of four father,mother,son,daughter all wore it .
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    Default Re: recommend something sweet

    Burberry Weekend (Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey!!)
    Wish by Chopard (sweet like Angel, but more subtle, and not as overpowering and recognizable)
    Jardins de Bagatelle by Guerlain (it's floral but sooo sweet and young and happy)

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    Default Re: recommend something sweet

    Its called Le Male but its unisex and then some. Its got lavender and vanilla to the max. Princess by Vera Wang is extremely sweet as well, i believe its got vanilla in it

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    Default Re: recommend something sweet

    Burberry The Beat is pretty sweet (huh, I rhymed...), and I've just recently discovered L'Artisan's Premiere Figuier Extreme, which is also sweet, but interesting too. And it's not particularly floral.
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