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    Unhappy Bleu De Chanel - shocked

    Sorry. I'm shocked how generic this is. I've tested in on blotter - but at home with some time. It makes me headaches. A screechy woody amber aquatic, as revealing as the interview with perfumer Polge seen recently. And I really tried, some lonely orris, some bright citrus on top, but even on blotter gone in minutes, or was it a hallucination? SKIP => Can

    the blues goes on - they never think of the possibility of people screeching back
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    Default Re: Bleu De Chanel - shocked

    It's o/k. I tried the search function before, but the forum software told me that "no thread" is found behind the searches result.

    Please don't answer anymore! It is already in the can, TRUE!

    ps: finally I recoverd from the shock Blue gave me by smelling Davidoff Champion, the 1001th Cool Water flanker, isn't it? I'm so thankfull for the latter, go figure. Again, no need to worry about this thread.

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