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    Question Please recommend a "barbershop iris"

    I love barbershop fragrances and, lately, I grew fond of iris frags too. Now, could anyone kindly recommend a male or unisex frag (irrespective if mass-market, designer or niche) combining- even if it sounds impossible or highly improbable- the powdery sweetness of iris with the cleanliness, crispiness, soapiness of rather Old-School barbershop fragrances.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Please recommend a "barbershop iris"

    I have never smelled this one but I noticed a post about it yesterday-- see post here from the "favorite Iris" thread (post #36):

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    Default Re: Please recommend a "barbershop iris"

    You might want to sniff Reflection Man. It has a load of iris, quite a bit of neroli, some jasmine, and all of it in a semi-powdery, clean, almost soapy vibe.

    It's like a very refined, quality version of Fleur Du Male + Burberry Brit + Le Male.
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