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    Default Santa Maria Novella's Patchouli vs Potpourri

    Which do you prefer? why?

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    Default Re: Santa Maria Novella's Patchouli vs Potpourri

    I have never tried their Potpourri, but I assume it would smell like a jar of it set in the house during the Christmas season. Patchouli, on the other hand, was my first bottle of said herb when I started loving niche fragrances. It's a very unique composition, and I noticed it would be earthy and herbal on some days, and on others, like a golden shield of spun gold. Nowadays, when I want a good patchouli, I will reach for Etro's version of it. One of the best around.

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    Default Re: Santa Maria Novella's Patchouli vs Potpourri

    So far, you are getting half-answers. Oh well, here's my response. I've never tried SMN Patchouli. That note is not a favorite of mine so I haven't bothered. MikeD's comments intrigue me enough to give it a try the next time I have the opportunity.
    But I have tried Potpourri. It is AMAZING and I endorse it to the highest degree. It is not in the least a pretty little floral bon bon, as the name might suggest. It is a substantial earthy spice stew -- and yet it is not heavy or unpleasant. It wears well in cool and even in warm weather. It has complex herbal notes that are seamlessly blended. And, there is little else like it. In my opinion, the ones that come closest to it are LV's Spezie and Piper Nigrum, but Potpourri out-performs them effortlessly.

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    Default Re: Santa Maria Novella's Patchouli vs Potpourri

    I'll echo Ody's thoughts about Potpourri.

    I don't own either Patchouli or Potpourri but I have tried both, and both are very good. Potpourri is the more unusual and complex of the two. There are quite a few good patchouli based frags out there, but there are few that smell like Potpourri.

    Like Ody said, Potpourri isn't a sweet, floral, nicey-nice kind of frag. It is deep, dark, spicy, herbal, and green. I enjoy this particular type of scent, which at once seems both old-fashioned and cutting edge. It reminds me a bit of L'Eau Diptyque, one of my favorites from that line, but has more going on. I agree that it is somewhat like Spezie, one of my faves from Villoresi, but less soapy and more concentrated.

    So Potpourri would be my suggestion, but it is probably better to test before buying, as it is quite different than just about anything else out there.


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    Default Re: Santa Maria Novella's Patchouli vs Potpourri

    Picked up SMN Patchouli today... wow what a great scent!! and I'm not a huge fan of Patchouli as a stand alone scent. Dries down very, very similar to Potpourri (to me) but perhaps a bit more smooth/refined.

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