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    Default Some help, please and thanks.

    Hey BNers! I'm practically new to everything perfume-related. Since I decided to get one, I've been reading more into fragrances and familiarising myself with whatever I could find online. Recently, I've gotten Burberry Brit and am loving it so far. However, my addiction to perfumes has crept up on me. Hence, my non-stop lurking on BN and other perfume sites.

    Now, I must come to you lot for some recommendations/suggestions of what to try next. Burberry Brit is quite sweet, I find, and the understated nature of it (on me, anyway, because I know that perfumes smell different on/to everyone) matches my personal style. I'm not hugely into the overpowering florals or anything but I don't mind some flowers thrown in there. I suppose what I'm looking for is something that isn't as 'sweet' as Burberry Brit (so I can add that to my rotation!) and more towards something warmer but nothing so heavy that I can't wear it to work. My shifts are often for 8 hrs and it can require my running around our stock room to get shoes for customers, so I'll need something that will last but won't give me a headache while I pause to catch my breath. Lastly, it'd be great if it were more age appropriate as I want to smell like the age of majority and not three times that. I've been contemplating getting something Guerlain (but they have tons so I've no idea which!), Armani Code, Givenchy or even Calvin Klein (Euphoria is a possibility!).

    Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this long ramble and/or provides any help. Greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Some help, please and thanks.

    First of all do NOT buy anything from Guerlain without testing on skin first.This house creates masterpieces,but if they do not work with your chemistry,they are horrid(as they are on me,unfortunately).You may like the original Burberry Women;most people who like Brit do enjoy it.You may find Euphoria too similar to Brit to justify a purchase,but it's also a good one to test.As far as Givenchy is concerned,I recommend a testing of Organza,a spicy floral oriental.I'm no great fan of heady florals,either,but I can wear this one really well.Good luck and I hope you enjoy Basenotes.I know you'll get fantastic recommendations.
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    Default Re: Some help, please and thanks.

    When I was at the mall, I gave some Guerlains a sniff and found them too strong but now that I think about it, I: a) held the bottle to my nose (novice that I am), b) should've put it on a blotter and waited c) was too flighty that day and d) should have done exactly what you said and tested it on my skin. Also, I totally understand about Euphoria. After reading what it's in it/recalling what recollection I have of it, it's still in the realm of sweetness that I'm trying to edge out of a little. Thanks very much!

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    Default Re: Some help, please and thanks.

    Miss Dior Cherie by Christian Dior is a nice, young and not heavy scent. So is Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Flower by Kenzo. Guerlains that I think you might like would be Insolence or My Insolence, only slightly different, also Idylle. Armani Code and Armani Mania by Giorgio Armani are both fairly young smelling. Ange Ou Demon Le Secret and Play for Her by Givenchy are also nice. Definitely spray the fragrance on and wear it for awhile before making a decision.

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    Default Re: Some help, please and thanks.

    1+ Organza

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    Default Re: Some help, please and thanks.

    You might like Coco Mademoiselle, but as others have said, i have found it best to try any new scent on my skin first. Then if you like it, you can try a sample and wear it for a while before you jump into a full bottle. (unless you find a really good deal!)
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    Default Re: Some help, please and thanks.

    I would second the Givenchy recomends +Hot Couture -nice raspberry and pepper+the skin test first for everything -unless you can afford some pricey oops!
    I think you may want to continue with the Burberry house too Brit Sheer and Burberry womens are both nice and last well for someone in clothing/retail sales/stockroom(speaking from experince here).
    I also like Elizabeth Arden Pretty and 5th avenue and YSL Baby Doll Magic .With Love by Hillary Duff is nice too.

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    Default Re: Some help, please and thanks.

    Hi andante, welcome to basenotes! l think you may like Chanel Allure, a nice, soft floral which is sophisticated & long-lasting ( on my skin at least! ) or of the Guerlains maybe Eau de Shalimar, a lighter version of the original which is a fresh, lemony vanilla. Personally l found Ange ou Demon le Secret disappears off my skin in about 10 minutes, so it may not have the longevity you require. Happy sampling!
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    Default Re: Some help, please and thanks.

    How about Hermes Un Jardin Apres Le Mousson. Instead of Brit's cool crispy pear you get a frothy watermelon over spice. It's not warmer than Brit, but it makes you think of warmth, like finding a cool spot on a hot day. It wears really well in heat, refreshing and not overpowering.

    Maybe one of the Bulgari Teas (Eau Parfumée au Thé Blanc, Eau Parfumée au Thé Rouge, Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert). I've not spent a lot of time with these, but there's a niggle at the back of my head that says one of these might work for you.

    Happy hunting!
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    Default Re: Some help, please and thanks.

    Welcome andante

    You sould sample some nice florals from Guerlain House!My suggestions:Champs Elysees,Jardins de Bagatelle and the latest release of Aqua Allegoria Flora Nymphaea: this is a wonderful floral(i have tested myself recently)
    Good Luck !
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    Default Re: Some help, please and thanks.

    Quote Originally Posted by andante. View Post
    When I was at the mall, I gave some Guerlains a sniff and found them too strong but now that I think about it, I: a) held the bottle to my nose (novice that I am), b) should've put it on a blotter and waited c) was too flighty that day and d) should have done exactly what you said and tested it on my skin.
    Now,I will admit to having made many unsniffed purchases,many of which have turned out to be favorites.This is after many years of interest in fragrance and after you get to know your tastes better(and this happens pretty quickly!),you'll be able to do the same just based on notes and reviews.I only recommend this when it's an amazing deal,though.I think you're on the right track with the blotter idea;this is how I narrow down what I would like to try on my skin.Keeps me from having to run to the nearest drinking fountain/icky public sink for a frenzied scrub-a-thon!
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    Default Re: Some help, please and thanks.

    Armani Code - in my opinion - is awful - and a clear example of a really BAD scent - therefore, I'd avoid it.
    The latest Givenchy-scents aren't fantastic either, but a good place to start here would be Organza or Ysatis.
    The newly released Givenchy III might also be interesting for you.

    From the Guerlain range, I'd try some lighter fragrances first - maybe the wonderful Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune and proceed to
    L'instant de Guerlain or Champs d'Elysées. A very young and delicious new Guerlain is La petite robe noire (unfortunately, a Guerlain Boutique Exclusive fragrance). And - you should try a masterpiece like Mitsouko - who knows- maybe this could be love at first sniff already?
    Euphoria isn't bad at all, you might also try TRUTH (very good and sort of underrated) - but I would not recommend Secret Obsession...(unbearable!)

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    Default Re: Some help, please and thanks.

    I'm already starting to be able to narrow things down based on reviews and notes but I reckon that I'm still really in the beginning stages of that kind of skill. I'll definitely add all of the Guerlains that you've all suggested! That and I'll probably be reading reviews and such on all of these before I go to try them tomorrow. I'm really intrigued by the Guerlain suggestions as well as the Bulgari ones. The Hermes one, too, actually! I've not tried anything from Hermes as the department store I usually go to doesn't have them, I think. Going to another one tomorrow which definitely has them. Also, Chanel Allure is actually quite nice! I sniffed it when I was first looking into getting one. Might look into other Burberrys as well as I find that they do, indeed, stay on through the 8 hr shift.

    Thanks again, everyone!

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