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    If you're reading this - chances are you've received your three first-round samples. I hope they are all intact and haven't leaked (Please contact us if that's the case). The idea of this first round is to give the three perfumers as much feedback as possible about the direction you think the scent should go. The next round sees three versions of each fragrance being made, based on your ideas.

    You should have three fragrances: A, B and C based on the briefs given to the perfumers.
    We have deliberately not named them so you can sniff them without knowing which is which. If the perfumers have done a good job of the brief then you may be able to guess.

    Choose a time when you aren't wearing any other fragrance - I know, that's hard for a Basenoter, and pick out one of the samples. You can spray it on a card or some skin if you like. Here's a good post about smelling fragrances

    Things to think about as the fragrance dries down.

    What are your initial impressions of the fragrance?
    What are your thoughts as it dries down
    Does the fragrance last on you?
    What do you think of the fragrance?
    Would you buy this fragrance? Why/Why not?
    What do other people think of the scent?
    What would do you think should happen to this fragrance to make it better?

    When you have had a chance to wear them get your thoughts down in here (press post new thread). If I've set it up right, no one else should be able to see your thread. Once we have had feedback from everyone, we will open up everyones threads!

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    I've moved some of the feedback responses to this thread to the Feedback forum, so that people have the opportunity to make up their own mind about the scents.

    Feel free to discuss the scents in this forum, but for those who don't want to read about them yet, you may wish to avoid here and stick to the feedback forum for the moment.

    ALso, remember that these are first drafts - we'll be giving the feedback to the perfumers for them to create three more versions of each scent.

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    Also - please email me when you've got them so I know. cheers

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    I received my samples a couple weeks ago and have been wearing them, starting to form ideas on what feedback to give. I hope the feedback area is still open for submission!

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