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    Default Ok, so l'm really confused now..

    Can anyone help me clear this up once & for all? l recently posted in "missing fragrances" regarding Eau de Shalimar not being listed in the directory. l was kindly informed by castorpollux that, according to Guerlain's PR Isabelle Rousseau, "Eau de Shalimar is the same as Eau Legere". No disrespect to castorpollux if you're reading this, but l keep coming across contradictory information. ln yesterday's SOTD thread, Mr G stated that Eau de S is "officially.. Shalimar Light unaltered". Then l read Asha's review of Shalimar Light, where she is pretty clear that it is the same as Eau Legere & that Eau de S is a separate formulation. See what l mean?

    l can't be the only one who's bothered by this...or am l?? Anyone else noticed these discrepancies? Maybe it shouldn't matter but my borderline OCD compels me to find an answer, please put me out of my misery!
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    Default Re: Ok, so l'm really confused now..

    Maybe Mr.Guerlain can help...

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