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    Default Un coeur en Mai (Parfums MDCI)

    I ordered a 5 sample set of new MDCI perfumes and liked Un coeur en Mai best.

    It stands in the same category as Chanel No 19 parfum, Chanel Bel Respiro....Maybe it's least sharp and most feminine. Very true to the name - Un couer en Mai..

    And here are the thoughts of MDCI founder Claude Marchal which he wrote as the response to my e mail:

    Un coeur en mai, specially conceived for us by Patricia de Nicolaï, is one of my favorites, and not only for the month of May.
    Sometimes I am asked why Mrs. de Nicolaï did this work for us, when she has her own company and does very well. in fact Mr. Jean Kerléo, former the in-house exclusive perfumer of Jean Patou and President of the Osmothèque in Versailles, knows her very well and suggested I contact her. I did, she is charming and very open, and did something she had on her mind but which did not fit her usual positionning.It was a rare opportunity, I am glad you like the result.
    One can not prove the beauty, but show it. You see it or you don't.

    Real beauty: 1) Frederic Malle 1-20 2) Chanel Egoiste 3) YSL Opium pour Homme edp 4) Guerlain Habit Rouge 5) TF Noir de Noir \\ Noses: 1) Jacques Cavallier 2) Maurice Roucel

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    Default Re: Un coeur en Mai (Parfums MDCI)

    I remember comparing Un Coeur en Mai to a floral bouquet painting done in pastel hues... Charming, very feminine & somewhat ethereal. Glad you enjoyed it too!

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