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    Default Kenzo Pour Homme Once Upon A Time

    Do you know anything about this one?

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    Default Re: Kenzo Pour Homme Once Upon A Time

    My SotD. Kenzo pour Homme - Once Upon A Time is easily one of the best scents i have bought and used this year.

    Without going into too much "technical detail", this is Aperge pour Homme with less pepper and more nutmeg and a pinch of ginger, or, from another perspective, a sweeter Azzaro Visit, with a more refined blend of nutmeg. I easily prefer the Kenzo to both reference frags. You need to like nutmeg to appreciate this scent.

    Exactly 9 hours after application, i am still getting the kind of whiffs of this frag that make me nod my head and smile (in the privacy of my office, of course!!!)

    I understand it is a limited-release special edition. It would be nice to hear more good things about this beauty.
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    Default Re: Kenzo Pour Homme Once Upon A Time

    Where is it available in the States? Anybody know?
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    Default Re: Kenzo Pour Homme Once Upon A Time

    In Mexico is available, try to forget your expectations about it... just a simple generic smell, im a follower of kenzo but this is a step back.. a mix of woody, little herbal and some creamy touch.. very light smell.
    go to others from Kenzo.

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