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    Default Has anyone sampled vintage Pino Silvestre ?

    I haven't, but my guess is that the base was very different. The version I have possesses a cheap woody/amber base that doesn't do justice to the top and mids. I don't detect the moss note that is supposed to be there, but that could have helped out. Did the original have a strong base notes, different base notes, or was it the same? I enjoy Green Jeans all the way through, but the base of PS is just not enjoyable (too generic).

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    Default Re: Has anyone sampled vintage Pino Silvestre ?

    Yes I did, I had a gigantic bottle bought by my Father to my Sister because she loved it. Unfortunately, it turned bad for lack of use.

    For what I can recall, since it was a stable one during my last highschool years (together with Agua Lavanda Puig) it did not have the very strong menthol top notes present today; the base notes were clearly woody / spicy, think of the aroma of pine needles mixed with classic wood notes (not the present-day cedar/pencil shaves notes) and oakmoss.

    As a matter of fact, Agua Brava's base notes reminds me of what I recall of vintage Pino Silvestre, AB being harsher, PS being subtler.

    IMHO, reformulation was done having in mind an improved longevity. It was a huge succes locally, so many local fragrance companies launched their own versions of pine-notes scents that are more akin to what it used to be. Of course, they are all fleeting scents, not as an eau de cologne, but def not what an eau de toilette behaves like.

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