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    Default Hello to you, in need of some advice!

    Hey everyone,

    Seeing as I've been lurking here reading reviews and posts for some while I thought I should take the plunge and register myself, the main reason being that I'm a little lost! I do realize you get the question rather often of "hey I want a cool fragrance, can you help me find one?", which leaves me hesitant to write this. Yet I still hope some of you might understand the feeling I have of being a little stuck and are willing to offer me some advice!

    I'm looking for a scent suitable for autumn and winter weather which is prominently woodsy and perhaps a little dark in nature if you can call it that, I'd like it to be present but in an inviting/intimate way, not loud and strong. Definitely masculine. I do not mean to come across as full of myself but I think for a 22 year old I am mature and somewhat out of the crowd. Thus my unwillingness to buy a fragrance everyone already wears like the Armani's and D&G's. I already own JPG Le Male for years which I still like but I smell it everywhere, Paco Rabanne Black XS which is alright but too sweet for me, Canali Men which is good but a summer scent, and Hugo Boss Dark Blue which is too synthetic smelling but hey it was a gift anyway.

    Now I perfectly well realise I need to go out and test a couple of fragrances myself which I have already done a couple of times. I just feel a little lost. Though you probably understand that after testing a few your nose goes numb and there isn't really any point in continuing. What I hope for is a few good recommendations so next time I go out shopping with my girl who has a very sensitive nose, I can try a couple with a little more accuracy.

    If you made it this far, thank you for your time!

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    Default Re: Hello to you, in need of some advice!

    since you already seem confused, I'll go easy on you and recommend only one fragrance, which should be easy to find. YSL M7. It's unique, perfect for winter, masculine and mature, yet warm, intimate and very relaxing. It has aoud in it which might smell like medicine to you if you're not very familiar with, but it'll grow on you. And most girls I know find oud attractive, in a sort of relaxing way.

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    Default Re: Hello to you, in need of some advice!

    I'm not exactly an "old pro" myself, zuzek, but when the weather starts turning a couple that I reach for are Versace's The Dreamer and Kenzo's Tokyo. Both are relatively easy to find, masculine without being over-bearing, and you won't smell like one of the crowd.

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: Hello to you, in need of some advice!

    One perfect for the winter/fall is Guess Man. It smells unlike anything I've ever smelled! It's woody, green, and subtlely sweet and has very decent longevity! It isnt in you face at all and I just truly love it! It's also dirt cheap and believe me, I own about 100 fragrances or so ranging from designer to niche and this one is great!
    Also, Ivory88 mentioned Tokyo. Thats a great one as well for fall/winter! It's just perfect!

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    Default Re: Hello to you, in need of some advice!

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions!

    I tried a handful of fragrances earlier today. The shop didn't have M7. Tried Versace - The Dreamer and while I do like the drydown (opening is awful), it seems to be a little more floral version of Le Male making them too similar. Kenzo - Tokyo wasn't in stock so I tried Angel Men by Thierry Mugler instead. Horrible, projects way too strongly on me and I dislike the strong candylike smell.

    Any other recs?

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    Default Re: Hello to you, in need of some advice!

    I second the M7 recommendation. Two others you might want to try are Michael (Kors) for men and Burberry London.

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    Default Re: Hello to you, in need of some advice!

    Such a shame you didn't find M7. London is a good fragrance that's not sweet, or try the Tom Ford line if it's available.

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    Default Re: Hello to you, in need of some advice!

    Dirty English or Azzaro's Visit should get the job done at reasonable prices.

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    Default Re: Hello to you, in need of some advice!

    Gucci Pour Homme (2003)
    Marc Jabos Bang
    Burberry London

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    Default Re: Hello to you, in need of some advice!

    I forgot to thank you all for your recommendations! A couple of days ago I managed to find M7 and while I strongly dislike the opening, the drydown is fantastic. Could still smell it on my skin after two showers, though it doesn't project too strongly at all. Guess it works well with my skin to boot! Now the horrible part is being a picky but broke student haha. Will get a bottle soon.

    I might want to add I did try Burberry London and Marc Jacobs Bang. The first I found good albeit generic, the latter just plain offensive; not good at all. Thanks though!

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