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    Default What to buy - from so called "contemporary classics"

    Just wanted to check on the boards' thoughts on this.
    During my time (like HS and college days), I couldn't afford to build a fragrance wardrobe, I was the Axe and some-other-dept-store-brand deo spray guy with the occasional gift (Perry Ellis? or something or other).

    Anyway, I missed the whole train of these scents :

    Davidoff Cool Water
    CK One
    CK Be
    Hugo Boss Hugo (grenade flask)
    Tommy Hilfiger for Men
    GA Acqua de Gio

    What should I get first so I can hop on back to the bandwagon (and go back a few years) ?
    Which of these scents you continue to use regularly and won't be missing from your own 'drobe?

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    Default Re: What to buy - from so called "contemporary classics"

    Try them on, then decide whether you actually want any of them. They are all easily available as testers pretty much everywhere, you don't need to buy them to try them.

    I don't feel the need to own any of them, they are not my style at all and none of them interest me very much, but I'm familiar with all of them, for reference and as modern classics.

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    Default Re: What to buy - from so called "contemporary classics"

    I definitely think that Cool Water and Aqua Di Gio are a good building foundation for a collection.
    As long as they are not too popular in your area anyway. AdG can be a bit pricy, so you could even consider a cheaper alternative like Perry Ellis 360 Red.

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    Default Re: What to buy - from so called "contemporary classics"

    Another really great alternative to ADG is Halston Unbound for Men. Very similar but nicer JMHO, and not expensive at all. I keep that and Cool Water for hot days and something to wear when I just cannot decide
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    Default Re: What to buy - from so called "contemporary classics"

    ck be is my favorite from your list- a nice, clean white musk.

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