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    Default "Cologne" is on it's way to me...I rule!

    Good news guys. I spoke to somebody at Selfridge's in London, where
    they carry "cologne" exclusively. They are shipping a 125ml. bottle of
    cologne to me. They also have soap, and a crystal deodorant. The cost
    of the bottle was 39 u.k pounds. (roughly $58 u.s.) He has also
    promised to send me out some samples to boot. which I will send out to
    you guys next week when the product arrives. So far 3 of you guys have
    asked for samples. I will give out whatever I get. I asked him about
    it and he said it has been in development for years. He said people
    have been shocked by it. it is nothing like angel. He said it had kind
    of a soapy, clean smell to it. but it is very different from anything.
    Both woman and men like it very much. There is also a 75ml and 300ml
    bottle. If anyone wants it now here's how I did it
    Selfridge's of London
    011-44-20-73-18-3718 (when calling from us)
    speak to either Shamit or Anita
    I obtained the number from Thierry Mugler Parfumes- London
    I'll keep y'all posted.
    Best Regards,

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    Default "Cologne" is on it's way to me...I rule!

    Yeah!! You go Eric!! :-)) remember the <vialman>!!! ernie

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    Default "Cologne" is on it's way to me...I rule!

    Hey Eric,
    I remember reading about this scent on and raved that it
    sounded really interesting(i think it was to you).I am not
    necessarily asking for a sample but a detailed review when you
    recieve it would be great!I am as anxious that you are recieving it
    as you are! :_)

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