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    Thumbs down Fragrancex scam's

    I am really angry with this company: after innumerable complaints, they always send the same e-mail as if I were an idiot:

    "Please note your order was shipped on August 12th by postal airmail service and is in transit.

    Airmail is a great inexpensive service from the postal service, however it has limited tracking at this time.

    Some shipments may be delayed by security with customs and we apologize for this delay. Your package is on the way and will arrive soon. We appreciate your patience and look forward to serving you again soon. "

    I'm in Spain and I wonder if there is any legal way to claim my money back to their negligence in sending the product.

    Is not a lot of money but I feel stupid and helpless .

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    Default Re: Fragrancex scam's

    mala suerte amigo, dont they have a telephone number?
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    Default Re: Fragrancex scam's

    One package from the US also took 2 months to get to me (Philippines)... and it magically arrived in my doorsteps, still waiting on one that's taking 2 and a half months now.... I Guess there's almost no hope for that to arrive, but meh.
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    Default Re: Fragrancex scam's

    Oy...that's a bit excessive.

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    Default Re: Fragrancex scam's

    I already bought from them and received. Also know many other people that received too.
    For how much time are you waiting?

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    Default Re: Fragrancex scam's

    Prolly 2months ? It arrived in australia in 2 weeks for me Call them up ?
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    Default Re: Fragrancex scam's

    for me it always takes exactly 12 days to arrive in The Netherlands.
    Ordered 10+ bottles from them. Good company in my opinion.

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    Default Re: Fragrancex scam's

    I don't think it's the U.S. or FragranceX's end. It's your country mail delivery system (receiving end for International Mail). I have friends who send things to Vietnam and it usually takes about a month and a half for some items. But it only takes a week for a package from VN to get to the U.S.
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    Default Re: Fragrancex scam's

    It's been 2 months since the shipment.
    I'd say it has been "lost" in the postal company.

    Maybe you could contact the postal company instead of Fragrancex?

    Anyway the package still might show up when you least expect it

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    Default Re: Fragrancex scam's

    I'm sorry, I forgot u already mentioned when it was shipped.
    Well, for me, here in Brazil, most things that comes from US takes like 1 month, more or less. But sometimes a package can take like 6 months to arrive, for any unknown reason. I hope this is your case and you receive it.
    I dont know any method to have your refund, sorry. But dont give up on emailing them, I think they are just giving it a little more time, to considere it "lost" and giving you your refund.

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    Default Re: Fragrancex scam's

    are you sure it's not a customs related issue..? i have never faced issues with fragrancex..

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    Default Re: Fragrancex scam's

    Politely butting in... It IS a matter of customs... Call Correos and ask them whether the parcel is stuck there... It happened to me a lot when I was living there...

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    Default Re: Fragrancex scam's

    I have waited 6 weeks to two months for fragrancex parcels in the UK. They have always come through in the end.
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    Default Re: Fragrancex scam's

    Have purchased from Fragrancex many times with no difficulties and always received fantastic service. Shipping to Ireland generally takes 10-14 days, reasonable IMHO, and a time I'm quite willing to wait for free delivery.

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    Default Re: Fragrancex scam's

    Bought from Fragrance X three times: first two, the shipments took three weeks to arrive. The last one is taking more than a month and a half.

    I know it is not Fragrance X's fault, so I am thinking about contacting the local postal system and / or customs.

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    Default Re: Fragrancex scam's

    At last resort, you may be able to file a claim with your bank to get any money back, if you feel you paid for something that's never going to arrive. They may be able to give you provisional credit while they research the matter; of course, the bank will expect that money returned if you actually receive the item (and they will be notified). It looks like it's pretty normal for very slow delivery times coming to your country, though...sorry!
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    Default Re: Fragrancex scam's

    FragranceX's customer service is just horrendous. Please don't expect much from them.
    They think that their 'Free Worldwide Shipping' absolves them from providing customer satisfaction.

    Of course they must have shipped your package and that's what they are sticking with.

    You could probably have some customs issue in Spain as shipping of fragrances to Spain & Italy can sometimes be intercepted at the borders by the customs authorities. I am not sure what the system is i.e. if you are sent a note or something from them, informing you that you had a package and that it's been withheld by the customs.

    Your only hope, I am afraid is to wait for it to be delivered. If it does not, you can then file a dispute with Paypal (if you paid through paypal) or get in touch with your credit card issuer to dispute that charge.


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    Default Re: Fragrancex scam's

    Sorry to bump up an old thread.

    I lost a package (well, it just didn't come through) from Fragrancex once.

    Ever since, I've started Google Checkout to pay them. Recently, the same thing happened (though the cologne was a cheapie), and I filed a complaint with Google Checkout and they gave me a refund. For high value stuff, it's better that you use a shipping method with tracking information AND pay through Google Checkout or Paypal, so you'll get your money back just in case something goes wrong.

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    Default Re: Fragrancex scam's

    I have ordered from Fragrancex more than sixty times, and only once a package with a rather cheap frag never arrived. Else, not one single problem, I have always received just what I have ordered, so I never felt the need to contact them. The delivery time varies a lot, though...

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    Default Re: Fragrancex scam's

    Quote Originally Posted by Torvo View Post
    I am really angry with this company: after innumerable complaints, they always send the same e-mail...
    I've just had the exact same experience. Three months after an order, nothing received. Their Customer Care resources are useless. They won't have my money again. Never.
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    Default Re: Fragrancex scam's

    Their prices are good but due to the excessive postage times & abyssmal service I'd prefer to use Strawberry net, or risk using Ebay.
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    Default Re: Fragrancex scam's

    I have had several transactions with FragranceX. No problem.
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    Default Re: Fragrancex scam's

    I like

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    Default Re: Fragrancex scam's

    When buying with Fragrancex, try and pay through Google Checkout. Thus you can claim your money back
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    Default Re: Fragrancex scam's

    I ordered L'Anarchiste from Fragrancex. They sent me an email stating that they've shipped my item. A month later, nothing arrives and they conveniently ignore all my emails. I claim my money back with Google checkout (thanks a lot to Google checkout).

    Later, they send me an email stating that L'Anarchiste is back in their stock and I order it again. History repeats itself.

    I'll NEVER (all caps intentional), I mean NEVER order anything from Fragrancex again. It is just not worth my time - if I order something, I want it - I don't want to do the drama of writing emails and seeking refunds.

    From now, I'd use strawberry net or something else, even though they may be pricier.
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    Default Re: Fragrancex scam's

    Here's another feedback about this company, if it can be called that.

    I frequently buy things internationally and I've never encountered such a ridiculous experience.
    While they state that the parcel should arrive in 7-12 days, it's been 40 days since my orders were "shipped".
    I don't believe they were shipped at all.

    This is not a customs issue, Turkish customs is glad to take my money if they have the right and at any rate they quickly dispose of (by delivering, thankfully) what they can't charge. I don't suppose any other customs with the tiniest bit of sense would do otherwise.

    Theirs is not a clever business plan if they are honest. It's not that expensive to get at least a certificate of mailing. What they can scrounge by this method should be hugely overshadowed by loss of customers. It's never a good marketing strategy. I very much doubt that they are honest.

    Oh, and their customer service sucks balls.

    I don't advise buying from them. I wouldn't be this careless if they weren't in basenotes directory links. The marginal gain you may have, is not worth the risk.

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    Default Re: Fragrancex scam's

    I am waiting on two separate packages form FragranceX, one shipped on May 4th and one on May 7th. I have been waiting for four weeks now......I doubt BOTH got lost on the way! I will give it a few more days before I lodge a paypal dispute. For those of you who have received packages from FragranceX how long is the longest you've had to wait?

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    Default Re: Fragrancex scam's

    for me, it takes usually 4-6 weeks for the package to arrive
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    Default Re: Fragrancex scam's

    Takes a long time for me as well.
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    Default Re: Fragrancex scam's

    NEVER and EVER buy any product from FRAGRANCEX.COM
    You can read some complaints about that ***ing fraud site.. I have bought lots of perfumes from them but when the last order (was including 3 different perfumes) has not arrived for years i also made a comment on complaint board..Think twice before buying from FRAGRANCEX...

    - They do not reply any of your e-mail,
    - They do not send the fragrances eventhough they collect the money from your credit card,
    - Somehow they have never and ever any tracking number,
    - They are careless & arrogant,
    - They are not able to provide proof of delivery even if you ask for it,
    - is totally useless e-mail,
    - They always keep telling "please be patient and your order is on the way"

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