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    Default Female version of M7?

    I'm a guy. My favorite scent is M7. I'd like to get a similar smelling fragrance for a girl. Any suggestions? Thank you

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    Default Re: Female version of M7?

    M7 Fresh? or something by montale. I think M7 is somewhat unisex to begin with.

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    Default Re: Female version of M7?

    OK, I'll do it. Someone has to give the official Basenotes answer that anyone can wear anything - It's possible that your girlfriend may smell great in M7, if she's kind of daring.

    But, to be more practical, M7 is smoky woody oud. For a more feminine oud, you might like the cult-favorite 10 Corso Como, the original one, not the new Uomo. There are also tons of scents that mix oud with rose. Though that's actually a middle eastern male frag thing, but they can smell great on women. Maybe Czech & Speak's Dark Rose, as a starting point.

    Also, Tom Ford's White Patchouli has an interesting oud note. And it's easier to find than the others I've listed.
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    Default Re: Female version of M7?

    Korres make an EDT called Saffron/Amber/Agarwood/Cardamom which I have always maintained is just like M7, but with the volume turned down. Though marketed to men, Korres have many gender-neutral products, and I feel this can easily be worn by a woman. My wife used to use my bottle for close to a year.

    Here is a blog I wrote about it over a year ago:

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    Default Re: Female version of M7?

    Nu EdP.

    They really compliment each other in the same way as Angel & A*Men for example.
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    Default Re: Female version of M7?

    C&S Dark Rose is a good suggestion.

    Another one that I find similar to M7 in some ways and yet sufficiently different (it's smoother, darker, more velvety, and more sultry, by far!) is L'Artisan's Al Oudh. I love this juice on myself, but think it would go just as well or better on a woman.
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    Default Re: Female version of M7?

    +1 Nu Edp.

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    Default Re: Female version of M7?

    When M7 was launched here, the dept store put it in the women's section in error (it was a soft launch before the official one). I sampled it and fell in love. Went back to get it only to find it had been moved to the men's section. LOL I guess I would say it's unisex...and I am not one to wear men's scents!
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