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    Default 4711 Echt Kölnisch Wasser

    My question concerns this classic from 1792. Basenotes Brand archive says its unisex, but when I search for it on ebay it only says that its a womens fragrence. Is there a womens edt and an unisex edt or what??

    The sites that says its unisex uses the same picture as the ones who says its for women. Maybe its a bagatelle but Im really interested of it so please help me get it straight.

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    You will find that people seem to just list fragrances wherever on eBay. It is "unisex," and by that, both men and women wear it and it is probably more often that this frag is worn by men.

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    Great! Thanks!

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    I found an item on ebay who says its from the 60's. Its a complete gift set with the cologne and soap. Is there a risk that the fragrance is ruin after all those years?

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    Did the seller mention how it was stored? I would probably buy a newer bottle of it. You should be able to acquire a very large bottle that you can pour all over yourself for quite cheap!

    Keep in mind though, 4711 does not last long at all----- maybe an hour or two. You will have to re-apply it often, but for its price you can always just buy more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siifter View Post
    I found an item on ebay who says its from the 60's. Its a complete gift set with the cologne and soap. Is there a risk that the fragrance is ruin after all those years?
    I've read that citrus fragrances need to be stored at cooler temperatures to retain their top notes. Why buy a set that is decades old, when it is still being made today? It's not expensive at all, and it comes in huge bottles.

    My husband had me buy him several bottles but ended up not wearing it because it fades so fast. I'd wear it but it doesn't suit me-- it's too much of a guy's scent for me.

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    Yes, 4711 and its attendant products (soaps, body wash, etc.) are all cheap enough where buying a "vintage" on eBay isn't worth the trouble ... and may even end up costing you more than a new set, with no difference in quality. It is and pretty much always has been a low priced product with minimal longevity. (Which isn't always a bad thing - sometimes you want exactly the kind of refreshing but brief blast of fragrance it provides. Keep it in the fridge for extra zing!)

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    Please read this article on 4711 from our own the_good_life:

    Also see the reviews:
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    I don't think the citrus components hold up well over time. Primrose is right, buy a fresh bottle. It's very inexpensive. I love 4711. It's a cologne (unisex) scent I enjoy when I don't want to wear perfume but I need something refreshing and uplifting. I also use AG Hadrien and Yardley's Lavender cologne for the same purpose.

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    Yes it's very light and the top notes go in a flash, the whole thing disappears in a blink of an eye... i still like it and usually buy the big bottle and decant it into smaller spray bottles even though it's meant as a splash.
    Nothing more refreshing!

    note: when i go lifting weights after a while the scent comes back up again and it's very nice.

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    A little excerpt from my blog on 4711s phony history:
    "But back to the Carthusians and the making of perfume history: one of the best known and for a long time most successful perfume products was 4711. And guess what? Company founder Wilhelm Mülhens acquired the secret recipe for his Eau De Cologne from a Carthusian monk who had fled the chaos of the French Revolution in Grenoble and was taken in by the Mülhens family of Cologne. A different version tells of the valuable scroll having been the monk’s gift on the occasion of Wilhelm Mülhens’ marriage, a scene imagined in the post-WWII painting you can see on the upper left. As it happens, the monk’s name was Farina- the Italian surname borne by the established and reputable cologne-producing families in the city. As Eau de Cologne became big business, it became common practice for Germans to buy the Farina name off Italians in order to establish their own Farina cologne operation. Alas, the historical record shows that Mülhens, listed in the Cologne registry as a “speculator,” bought the name off one Carl Franz Maria Farina in Bonn, Germany, who had been producing Eau de Cologne under the privilege of Franz, Archduke of Austria and Elector of Cologne. Thus 4711 began its history as “Franz Maria Farina” on not-quite-so-Carthusian ground but as a "phony Farina" - in fact he resold the name thirty times to other entrepeneurs. Only when the strenuous efforts of the original Farinas to protect their name resulted in the first pan-German trademark law in 1874 was Mülhens forced to drop the Farina name and adopted the ingenuously recognizable 4711 moniker, leaving the competition behind in the dust as the number became nearly synonymous with German Eau de Cologne in the 20th century and particularly after WWII."

    If you enjoy the stuff, more power to you, but to me it's always been one nasty juice. I much prefer Roger & Gallet's Extra Vieille (Jean Marie Farina) in the budget class and at some point, please try Villoresi's Acqua di Colonia - the real, all-natural thing.

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