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    Default BIG BANG THEORY Yann Vasnier profile in Out Magazine

    October 2010 issue. Sorry no link yet.

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    Default Re: BIG BANG THEORY Yann Vasnier profile in Out Magazine

    I read the article about Marc Jacobs' Bang yesterday and thought the most interesting part was the one that discussed the pepper notes. "...Vasnier chose five pepper top notes: pink pepper, the brightest and freshest of the peppers ("Actually, it's a Baies rose," he admits, "but it's called pink pepper"); black pepper oil; black pepper absolute, which is distilled differently and yields more depth and richness; poivre a trois, a peppery combination of Vasnier's make with at least 10 ingredients; and pepperwood, a Givaudan captive, meaning the company owns the floral, spicy pepper molecule. "Pepperwood has a metallic, disturbing thing going on," Vasnier says. It's the Marc Jacobs of peppers."
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    Default Re: BIG BANG THEORY Yann Vasnier profile in Out Magazine

    ^ That explains where the interesting metallic note comes from! And FIVE types of pepper - oh man! They should have called it "Wonderpepper".
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