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Thread: Baldinini Man

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    Question Baldinini Man

    I did a search for this fragrance in the forum database and came up with nothing. Not one post on this fragrance, and it was released in 2008! Looks like SirSlarty is the only one to have reviewed this, and he gave it the 'ole Thumbs Up.

    I just received a decant of Baldinini Man, and I gotta say it's pretty nice. It starts out with a simple fruit juice accord of apples and pineapple (which smells pretty natural). But just when you're about to dismiss it as another fruity aquatic... cinnamon, spices, tobacco, and musk appear out of nowhere and take it in a completely different direction. I'm going to give it a full wearing or two and see what happens, but I'm really digging this!

    Anyone else try this one, and if so, what did you think?

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    Hey, if you send me a sample I'll write up a full review for it. It sounds good to me !

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    It has a really dope bottle. Never smelled it though.

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