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    Quote Originally Posted by nukah11 View Post
    from a female perspective (am i allowed here ) :

    i love all three versions of the men's l'instant (edt, edp & extreme), they are different indeed. the edp and extreme lay closer to each other: gourmand with chocolat, the extreme a bit more so. the edt is fresher, more for daytime some would think. i own the edt myself, even though it's not feminine at all. if i could have a do-over though, i would've bought the extreme instead.
    the edp is the extreme version
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    Default Re: L'Instant Guerlain EDT

    Quote Originally Posted by B.I.G. View Post
    the edp is the extreme version
    haha! my mistake, it's been a while since i smelled the other one(s) ops:
    that's probably why i thought them to be similar

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    Default Re: L'Instant Guerlain EDT

    I am blind buying this. I have not seen Extreme in any perfume shops.

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    It also seems strange to me that so much Basenoters have difficulty finding the EDP, here in Europe you almost always find him just next to the EDT on the shelves. Well, so I guess it's a shame I never tried it yet
    But I own the EDT and it's a lovely scent, extremely romantic in my opinion, lasts for ages on me, and that's the one which leads me to start this fragrance hobby.

    Funny thing, though, I think I smelled it often these past few weeks but only on women, so there are 2 choices : either those women were wearing L'Instant, or there's a good-selling female fragrance which is very similar.
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    Default Re: L'Instant Guerlain EDT

    I received my sample of this today and the base note is really turning me off. It has ruined most of my day because I can't get this smell away from me.

    I've read the word "urine" on here to describe a scent. This will be the first scent I've ever smelled that I can relate to it. Is that iris I smell?

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