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    Question Dunhill Edition on Ebay

    Because this fragrance has already been discontinued, these are going for $100+ on Ebay for the 3.4oz. I actually saw one listed for damn near $300! As such, is there any possibility that some of these are fakes? Was Edition ever known for being faked, and has there ever been a case where counterfeiters faked a fragrance after it had already been discontinued? Also, does anyone know of a reliable website that still has this in stock. I'm thinking about picking up a bottle, but it looks like my only option may be Ebay, and I vowed NEVER to purchase fragrances on Ebay.

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    Default Re: Dunhill Edition on Ebay lists it through a retailer.
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    I would honestly avoid retailers more than ebay retailers. Never had a Single good experience with them, if your item isn't out of stock despite being listed many times it takes 2 months to get it.

    I'm seeing it on ebay going for as low as $60.

    Do your research on those sellers before buying though. Honestly I don't think ebay is as bad as some people make it to be. Also, I'm sure there are better alternatives to Dunhill Edition for that price, it just smells like a pleasant but generic cologne.

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    If it gets reintroduced into the market, chances are it'll be a slow moving item on the shelf. We pant after illusive stuff. Never thought SO highly of it, though. I have two bottles of it from my crazy buying days and I don't remember when was the last time I looked for it.

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    What looked like discontinued stock of 100ml bottles of Edition, have been selling down here in Australia in one local chain for between A$40 and A$50 for the last three years. It's only in the last four months that it has pretty much disappeared.

    While it's pretty good (I have my bottle), who in their right mind would spend US$300 for it?

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