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    Default Is Tommy Hilfiger EST. 1985 the best Tommy frag for middle aged men?

    Hey guys:

    I just sampled some Tommy Hilfiger Est. 1985 cologne recently. I thought it was actually quite nice. However, I somehow missed out on all the other Tommy frags when they were all released back in the day. I know that this is marketed to the older crowd, even though the others are considered more youthful. So, my question is this: Does the newest release from Tommy have the most mature smell of the bunch, or are they all about the same to you guys?

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    Default Re: Is Tommy Hilfiger EST. 1985 the best Tommy frag for middle aged men?

    Well, I can't totally answer your question cause I did smell only 2 Tommy frags : the original "Tommy" and the Summer Edition of this year. But I can also say 2 things : the one of this year was pretty dull and not more mature compared to the regular, and this latter can easily be worn by a more "mature" audience IMO. It's a clean smell, indeed very fresh in the topnotes but the drydown is warmer and gorgeous.

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