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    Default Article: Lady Gaga and Coty fragrance deal. But it's happening this time

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    I would hope weird or unusual.. but she IS a pop musician. It may be a generic scent in a neat bottle. Maybe not even that.

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    I heard that it's supposed to be an "unusual" fragrance, perhaps along the same lines as a Comme des Garçons fragrance.

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    I wonder if the scent will become a sister of "Tom of Finland" with citrus notes at the top and leather and clove in the drydown.

    I do hope the end product is worth her unique style...:rolleyesold:

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    I suspect it will be generic, sadly. Gaga's style may be out there, but her music, not so much. There is a distinct dichotomy.

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    When has Coty made a groundbreaking fragrance? Sarah Jessica Parker was never allowed to make her dark unisex incense scent, instead her output got more and more generic. Whatever Gaga wants to make, Coty will nix anything that won't go over well in Sephora, so it will be floral, it will be fruity. Miss Gaga will be confined to express her Gaga-ism through the artwork on the bottle.

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    Gaga has just advertised about her new fragrance at the VMA, hasn't she? It'll smell just like her in the photo. Flank steak! Now Mr. Mugler can go find a dark corner and cry with his caviar and the folks at Etat Libre d`Orange can eat up their own "Secretions". The new era of fragrance has arrived!

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