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    Default Jovan Ginseng NRG

    Man, this cologne has got to be one of the most underrated ones out there. Heck yeah its cheap, $10 at walmart, but the juice that you get out of it its hella good for the price compared to the price you pay for some Creeds. NRG has this cooling fresh smooth feel to it and the sillage and longevity on this one can kick some designers and niche fragrances ass over and over. It lasts the whole day. Perfect for the cold weather but can also be worn for all kinds of weather, very very versatile.

    NRG reminds me of Himalaya a little bit, they kinda have the same feel of freshness, but I think NRG is ten times better than Himalaya. I think if NRG was Himalaya or some other niche fragrance it would praised out of this world. Compliments? Yes. Walking out of class my teacher asked what I was wearing told him it was NRG, then some student who was behind me said it smelled really nice.Loving it, going to walmart to buy me a second one since the bottle is one ounce.

    Has anyone tried this yet? what do ya think?

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    Default Re: Jovan Ginseng NRG

    I agree that it's quite good, especially for the price, though it's not my favorite kind of frag. Bobby Jones Cologne is similar, if you are interested in similar ones. I'd say BJC is a bit grassier and not as "tingly."

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    Default Re: Jovan Ginseng NRG

    Very nice creamy scent. I believe it is one of the most underrated frags around.
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    Default Re: Jovan Ginseng NRG

    Wow - I'm gonna have to check this stuff out!
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    Default Re: Jovan Ginseng NRG

    Not outstanding to me. Raw Vanilla and Adidas Moves are breakout cheapies to me, Ginseng NRG is just ok.. boring citrus top, slightly earthy though. The original one is far better and nearly impossible to find.

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    Default Re: Jovan Ginseng NRG

    Only frags I liked more in HS were Hugo and Polo Sport

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    Default Re: Jovan Ginseng NRG

    I'm a tad confused.. I live in Canada and I thought that this cologne was discontinued ages ago.. I even contacted Jovan and while it was still on their website, they said that I was discontinued.

    You guys posted in Sept just a few months ago correct? where are you purchasing this from please?


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    Default Re: Jovan Ginseng NRG

    discontinued? I see this stuff in almost every drug store / sears / wal-mart / target !

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    Default Re: Jovan Ginseng NRG

    My CVS has it too.

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    Default Re: Jovan Ginseng NRG

    I have a bottle of this from 1998 or so. I wore it a lot back then, but suddenly dropped it for Monsieur Musk, which I wore regularly there after. It definitely has that Jovan base or house note to it, undoubtedly musk. I still revisit it every once and a while, only to pass it up for something else.

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    Default Re: Jovan Ginseng NRG

    I like Ginseng NRG because it actually reminds me of the beach. It's kind of like Dune Pour Homme by Christian Dior.

    Aramis New West (preferably old bottle)
    Patrick by Fragrances of Ireland
    Azzaro Aqua
    Gloria by Cacharel

    PM me if you have bottles that you're willing to sell or trade!

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