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    Question Indult purchases and refills?

    Just curious if any Indult full-bottle owners have ever had to purchse a refill? And what happens in case of a title that is no longer carried like Reve en Cuir? Does that mean all 999 bottles were sold? Can "members" still obtain refills of those titles?

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    No one? Really?

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    Reve en Cuir did not include a pamphlet, unlike the other Indult fragrances, which instructs you to register on their website (It's not listed in their member section either.) It is plausible LuckyScent sold out, with the Chandler Burr press, and considering Reve en Cuir was limited to 250 bottles. Emailing LuckyScent, I specifically asked if Reve en Cuir, like the other Indult fragrances, would be available for re-order after 'selling out' if you own a bottle. Franco Wright, the LuckyScent co-founder, replied "Yes if you have one you can still order in the future!" (11/05/2008)

    I hope this helps. email luckyscent.
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