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    Frederic Malle's - Geranium Pour Monsieur has an interesting application of cinnamon. It brings a warmth to contrast the minty opening and adds a dustyness to the flower.

    Of course the usual suspects are Joop! Homme (how has nobody mentioned that yet?!), Creed Original Santal, and Hermessessence Ambre Narguile. I'll also plug Armani Privee Ambre Soie. Frapin Caravelle Epicee is quite good, I'd suggest trying it. oh, and forgot this one - Bois 1920, Sushi Imperiale
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    I have a barely touched bottle of Diesel Zero Plus to swap if you are interested.

    I think my 3 favourite Cinnamon fragrances are AN, Rousse & Must de Cartier PH, in that order.
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    Jaipur Homme!
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    Clive Christian C. Opens with leather & raspberries and drys down to the most beautiful cinnamon I've ever smelled. But I have yet to see anyone mention cinnamon notes when describing it so it might just be my skin...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlouismi View Post
    I have a love for cinnamon, i have Tom Ford's TV, tried Musc Ravageur and Ambre Narguille, but feel like exploring this warm sensual fragrance note a little further, can anyone tell me of a great fragrance with an excellent cinnamon note? either in the top notes or in the base
    The new Salvador (not the 92' scent although that also has cinnamon) has a very nice cinnamon mid/base you might want to check out.
    There's also London for men as already mentioned, Serge Noire also has a nice cinnamon note, of the oldies i can say Jill Sander Man Pure and Bogner and Révillon PH.
    Hermès's Equipage has also some good cinnamon.
    of course, Havana, JHL and Jaïpur EdP as mentioned.


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