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    Exclamation My Alter Ego and Fragrance.

    Some say that talking to one's self is a sign of intelligence. Perhaps it is just an externally expressed argument between you and your alter ego personality. These personalities exist in a symbiotic state, their constant tug of war in deciding questions in life ultimately combining to form our personalities, moral character and therefore, our persona to others who evaluate us. So, where am I going with this? I am quite a devoted lover of classic fragrances, yet I find myself dabbling in gourmand fragrances that my friends like when I wear them, but they find them unusual on me. Well, I am blaming my alter ego persona who pushes me in the direction of living on the fragrance edge. I am pleased at times, but there is an uneasiness about this risk taking compulsion. I wonder, am I alone in this? Am I over analizing?
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    Default Re: My Alter Ego and Fragrance.

    Nah... I talk to myself all the time ,N_Tesla ! I love my own company ! *LOL*
    Maybe it's the rebel in you who wants to try something different and that's alright .
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    Default Re: My Alter Ego and Fragrance.

    I talk to myself all the time, too! But I also feel the tug between disparate fragrance desires that I usually attribute to hormones, but maybe it's as you say. I love sweet gourmand and desserty fragrances, and then I go in the direction of chypres and classics. Or I seesaw between real crapola and more refined frags. I wouldn't worry about the risk taking compulsion if I were you, not if it's confined to fragrance. And I don't confine myself to one persona either (and that could be my Gemini ascendant talking!), lol!

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    Default Re: My Alter Ego and Fragrance.

    From one highly intelligent self-talker to another, you are most definately not alone in this. Live on that fragrance edge, I say!

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    Default Re: My Alter Ego and Fragrance.

    I talk to myself more and more, but I thought it was a sign of advancing age. Doesn't everyone have a fragrance alter ego? In life, I am a perimenopausal, upright, worker-bee mom. In fragrance, I am the sexy, heart-breaker gadabout I was at 26. Isn't that what perfume is for?

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    Default Re: My Alter Ego and Fragrance.

    I am also in! I am the best friend of mine, pushing myself to test unusual and rare/ skanky scents as a result of being, let's say, saturated.

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    Default Re: My Alter Ego and Fragrance.

    Sounds like multi-focal personalities are a dime a dozen in these parts, N_Tesla! So I - I mean WE - say that Mitsouko-faithful Dr. Tesla should let Mr. Nick out of the house as often as needed for some nights of fragrant debauchery with those luscious Guerlain gourmands.
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