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    Default Re: Jicky - a safe blind buy?

    Quote Originally Posted by Siifter View Post
    I've seen all of the reviews: 60 positive against 7 negative. Its described as a complete masterpiece among many but I havent tried it. My question is if Jicky is a safe blind buy?
    It's a great fragrance that bores the hell out of me. Still, I like to smell it every once in awhile because it smells great and it makes a good toggle switch for the olfactory system. Mouchoir de Monsieur is also excellent but it suffers from a little structural poverty.

    Just buy it. Like many fragrances, you need an ounce or so to know how you really feel about it anyway. Your perceptions can change drastically over time, and it might be months or years before you figure it out. But you'll never know if you don't own enough to last.

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    Default Re: Jicky - a safe blind buy?

    Quote Originally Posted by Siifter View Post
    "Civet - a yellowish, fatty substance with a musklike scent, secreted by a gland near the genitals of the civet cat and used in making some perfumes." Well that sounds nice.
    At least they didn't use the cats pee like Michael Kors.

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    Default Re: Jicky - a safe blind buy?

    I loved the extrait. Thanks Mimi !!!

    I wouldn't blind buy it though. Civet is a tough note for some people.

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    Default Re: Jicky - a safe blind buy?

    Quote Originally Posted by PuddleMonkey View Post
    At least they didn't use the cats pee like Michael Kors.
    Or try and convince you that smelling like a pineapple is a good thing.
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    Default Re: Jicky - a safe blind buy?

    It's an old thread but no. Jicky is not worth blind buying. It's a really, really confronting scent. On me, I get lavender (which I associate with my grandmother, who grew masses of the stuff) floating over the top of this animal scent, that.

    Well, it's pretty much pure sex.

    To give you an idea, I went perfume shopping with my mother as a 21 year old. I tried on Jicky. I couldn't work out whether I liked it or not. I asked Mum to smell my wrist, and her eyebrows went up into her hairline and she said "That's the kind of perfume you'd wear to bed. And wear nothing else. I'm not buying it for you."

    Needless to say, now (a *cough* decade on) I'm thinking that I might buy myself a bottle...

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    Default Re: Jicky - a safe blind buy?

    Well, I'm a newbie, and a chap and Jicky is - so far, anyway - just about the most beautiful thing I've ever smelled. If I had to choose just one frag for the rest of my life it'd be this. So yes, blind buy it, what the hell.
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    Default Re: Jicky - a safe blind buy?

    I would say no. I just got a decant of it. Don't get me wrong. I LOVED the smell, and I wanted to like it so much. I mean, an old Guerlain frag with a cool name like Jicky! But imho, the longevity was not as much as I was looking for. However, some veterans on here recommended I try the EdP.

    In short, this would not be a great blind buy.
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    Default Re: Jicky - a safe blind buy?

    I smelled this for the first time today (never got around to it before for some reason). It's wonderful - very elaborate, ornate and complex in the Guerlain style. Absolutely beautiful.

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    Default Re: Jicky - a safe blind buy?

    I have a decant on its way fro The Permume Court. I am looking forward to testing this one.
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    Default Re: Jicky - a safe blind buy?

    THERE ARE NO SAFE BLIND BUYS (said as my stock of about 25 blind buys sits idly in my closet, waiting for a sales thread).

    Sorry, I'll stop shouting now. And even if there were any safe blind buys, Jicky wouldn't be it. Ask yourself this: would Kouros be a safe blind buy? Think about your answer, then double down on it for Jicky.

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    Default Re: Jicky - a safe blind buy?

    I would never recommend a blind buy for anything as particular as Jicky in any of its forms.

    Do I think it is wonderful? Yes, but because of the strong civet, I would say sample first.

    I would also recommend sampling the similar Mouchoir de Monsieur as well, due to the civet.
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    Default Re: Jicky - a safe blind buy?

    Negative on the blind buy. A decant from TPC (or similar source) is well in order.

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