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    Default GAME : The "What-to-wear" thread.

    Let's play a game, the first person posts a name of a fragrance then the next person says what style suits you think suits the above fragrance name posted then list the next fragrance name for next person.

    For example.

    BNoter A:
    <Fragrance name>

    BNoter B:
    <Style - Hair / Accessories / Top / Bottom / Shoes, etc. or post a photo>
    <Next fragrance name>

    Not limited to modern clothings, can be traditional, original or even costume if you have sense of humor, so let your imagination drive you! Let's see what we'll come up with and if this thread will survive

    I'll start with something I have in my wardrobe.

    Frag: Body Kouros

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    Default Re: GAME : The "What-to-wear" thread.

    Body Kouros

    short hair (a little untidy), tight bright t-shirt, mao-collar jacket, jeans, leather sport shoes.

    Musc Ravageur?
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    Default Re: GAME : The "What-to-wear" thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by Halo View Post
    Musc Ravageur?


    Frag: John Varvatos (original)?

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