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    Default one blind buy - 6 samples

    Here is my order at aLzD:

    Montale - Aoud Roses Petals MONTALMRYO2-100 1 122,00

    Domenico Caraceni - Eau de Toilette DC01-A 1 3,00
    Montale - Crystal Flowers MONTALE MCRFL-A 1 4,00
    Montale - Oud Queen Rose MONTALOUQURO-A 1 4,00
    Montale - Roses Musk MONTALE MROM-A 1 4,00
    Czech & Speake - Dark Rose CCSP0DR-A 1 4,00
    Czech & Speake - No. 88 EdC CCSP031-A 1 4,00

    I'm excited, and I hope I'll love my blind buy (Aoud Rose Petals)!

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    Default Re: one blind buy - 6 samples

    Someone loves roses. I love Oud Queen Rose, I believe Aoud Rose Petals is similar but with more rose so it should be good

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    Default Re: one blind buy - 6 samples

    Thanks Ekove, I can't wait to compare them!
    I'll post my reviews after testing.

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    Default Re: one blind buy - 6 samples

    Wow, is great!
    Nice packaging, and a few little presents.
    First, the presents (samples):
    BYREDO Gipsy Water: very similar to Tam Dao
    LOEWE 7: similar to Cacharel pour Homme

    Now my blind buy:
    Aoud Rose Petals: very nice: Black Aoud without patchouli plus camphor... I love it!
    But it is even weaker than Black Aoud, even if the first notes are strong, they don't last.

    The samples:
    Crystal Flowers & Roses Musk: too girly, I gave them away.
    Oud Queen Roses: very strong, good longevity, smells like an old b...tch. I don't love it.
    CS Dark Rose: I really don't like this one, can't explain why. The rose in it is not beautiful.
    CS 88: smells like asian Incense mixed with olive oil soap. Almost no rose. Headache inducing.
    DC 1913: this smells exactly like Eau d'Iparie l'OCCITANE, it's not that bad but not bottle worthy.

    Conclusion: I love my blind buy, wish it was stronger.
    My fav rose frag remains Paestum Rose, it is more powerful - longer lasting than the Montales to my nose.
    Aoud Rose Petals is second because it isn't strong enough.

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    Default Re: one blind buy - 6 samples

    Glad you are enjoying your blind buy Stephan.

    As a rose lover I think you should really try Amouage Lyric - both the men's and women's (I prefer the men's, which is rosier, while the women's is 'spicier' in a way and has more of a red wine vibe).

    If you haven't, check out Montale's Attar, too. A nice and simple rose + sandalwood blend. Rose 31 might be worth a sniff too but I found the rose in it quite lacking.

    Also, one of the best oud/rose combos I've ever come across is M. Micallef's Aoud Homme. A must sniff!
    ***For sale:

    Iris Pallida 50ml

    Ungaro I 75ml

    and more!

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    Default Re: one blind buy - 6 samples

    Thank you for your advices!
    Do you know Micallef's Arabian Diamond?
    Paradise in a bottle too.

    The more I try Aoud Rose Petals, the more I love it.
    It made me realize that what I don't like in Black Aoud is not the Aoud, the note I don't like is the patchouli!
    I wish ARP was stronger!

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