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    Question Trog oil/Patchouli oil smell confusion?

    Heres a thread to test your fragrance knowledge.In the late 1970s i remember smelling trog oil on somebody in school and it was a smell that once you smelt you never forgot it-heres my point-i found out recently that trog oil was also known as patchouli oil.I recently purchased a bottle of patchouli essential oil and it smelt nothing at all like the trog oil i smelt(the patch oil i smelt recently stunk of "wet earth"-very musty and nothing at all like the hypnotic smell of trog oil).A pretty sure that the two oils are both different in smell because the trog oil i smelt i would wear everyday of the week but alas the patchouli oil i can not wear due to it smelling like wet freshly dug soil.I would love your opinions on this subject and if any of you have ever purchased patchouli oil that doesnt smell like damp soil but smells hypnotic.Or if any of you know where to buy the hypnotic trog oil.Many thanks.Howie.

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    Red face Re: Trog oil/Patchouli oil smell confusion?

    Sounds like it was patchouli you smelled back in the 70's The problem with it today is finding the right one. I sell the perfume oil Patchouli and believe me it was not that easy to find. I still not sure if it's the right one, But it sells good for burning oil. I have a lady that will come and get 3 rolls on perfumes ever other month and send 2 of them to her father. I am lucky there are so many different ones out there. I have one from or called Indonesain Patchouli and it cost a pretty penny but will not sell as good as my other. Patchouli is what is called old school oil. lol

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    Talking Re: Trog oil/Patchouli oil smell confusion?

    I pulled out all my mens oils and the one I found is called by 3 different names, Indu Kush, or Hindu Kush, or just Kush. I did a lot of looking its made by Abdes salaam attar profumo. If you look in The directory here in this site you will find it. This one is also old school perfume/ oil. I also check my opium but its not strong like patchouli or kush. You also have Frankinscense, myrrhh or the combo of the two. Now Opium was made in 1977, so I don't think that would be it. Kush I could not find a date but know it was around in the 70's long with the others that I told you about. if I can be of more help let me know. I can let you know where I get my oils. I don't use spray cause it don't last long Oils are better.....

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