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    Default please help me find a signature scent!

    hi all

    i am a 28 year old woman looking for a signature scent. I don't know too much about perfume et al, but the one scent I used to wear and love was les belles des ricci (spicy delight).

    Any ideas of scents that smell like that one?

    Also, if you were able to reccommend any 'natural' perfumes (without phthalates, parabens, petroleum distillates). I would greatly appreciate that too. although I know this is tricky because companies don't have to disclose all of this info..

    thanks in advance..

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    Default Re: please help me find a signature scent!

    Hi katerina, welcome to basenotes! l looked up Spicy Delight in the directory as l'm not familiar with it, & the main notes seem to be apple & cinnamon, is that what you're looking for? The only other scent l know with those notes is All About Eve by Joop! lt's been discontinued but is available on eBay. Also l was recently given a sample of Nina by Nina Ricci, which has a distinct "toffee-apple" scent. Are there any other smells that you particularly like? Do you prefer very spicy scents or something more on the fruity side?
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    Default Re: please help me find a signature scent!

    The Galimrd fragrance Accroche-Coeur smells of apple and cinnamon. I have only tested on my arm but then I thought that i was very pleasant.

    Top Notes: Bergamot, Apple, Blackcurrant, Pink Pepper
    Heart Notes: Cinnamon, Rose, Patchouli
    Base Notes: Amber, Vanilla

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    Default Re: please help me find a signature scent!

    Have you tried Caron L'Anarchiste? It's marketed to men, but I didn't find it particularly masculine and think it could work on a woman. Sorry, but I'm not sure about the "natural" questions you asked. It might be worth a try though - good luck!

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    Default Re: please help me find a signature scent!

    I would recommend Ortigia, (full name Ortigia Sicilia), wonderful NICHE house; Ortigia uses natural and traditional ingredients such as olive oils, palm oil, almond oil, lanolin, distilled lavender and herbal dye...Santa Maria Novella is also well known and an amaazingly nice NICHE house or/and Lorenzo Villoresi too.

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