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    Default Pink Pepper vs Green Pepper

    I've read that pink pepper EO is basically the same thing as green pepper EO, in that both are made from the unripe peppercorn fruit. There are pink peppercorns, but they're something other than the peppercorn that gets turned into black pepper.

    Except I find that all quite confusing, and I find myself unable to easily locate "pink pepper essential oil", though I have some green pepper EO and it's got a decidedly fruity quality to it, in my estimation.

    So, what's the deal with pink pepper? Is it really from "pink peppercorns" or is it just unripe peppercorn fruit and thus the same as green pepper?
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    Default Re: Pink Pepper vs Green Pepper

    hi there, i have just bought some pink pepper for the 1st time and i love it!! i can see how it can lift perfume blend! i havent tried green pepper but the pink is very different from the blqck.. i love the black too, but the pink is much brighter and fruitier, than black

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    Default Re: Pink Pepper vs Green Pepper

    Green pepper EO is the unripe berries of Piper nigrum, the same plant we get black and white pepper from. Pink pepper is from Schinus molle or S. terebinthifolium, a completely different plant. YOu can get the EO or absolute of it.
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